About Us – The Most Comprehensive Functional Medicine Center in the Dallas Area.

At Living Health & Wellness Center, we are leading a wellness revolution that advances a new model of health, a model that respects you and puts you in charge of your health and vitality.

About Us: History

Since 2005, Living Well Dallas has helped our clients regain their health and vitality as a partner in their utilizing both evidence-based nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture coupled with mind-body supportive services in a completely integrated model as your health care team partners.  We are a strategic partners with several medical providers who have offices in our facility.  You may read about the doctors at mymaverickwellness.com.

About Us: Philosopy

We believe that lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, your relationships, work, fun, spiritual connections, life purpose and passion are all part of your health.  Under one roof, we combine therapies to support all areas of life that contribute to well-being and health.  We work directly with you co-creating the program and services you need, when you need them to help you live, feel and be well!  Whether you are struggling with a chronic condition you have been unable to get answers for or you are wanting to improve your health and well-being; we are equipped with a health care team formulated to bring you the necessary diagnostic options, treatments and services to help you thrive.

About Us: What We Do

The doctors at Maverick Wellness are health care specialists who work with bio-identical hormone treatment addressing hormonal imbalances, preimenopause and menopause, fertility issues, low testosterone, as well as working with chronic, complex health conditions such as autoimmune conditions.  The physicians at Living Well Dallas maintain independent medical judgement and discretion in patient care.

Living Well Dallas providers use nutrition,Bowen therapyand mind-body modalities to assist with  digestive disorders, weight loss, detoxification, neurotransmitter and stress chemistry imbalances, oxidative stress -accelerated aging, restoring energy levels by bringing mind body equilibrium.  First Line Therapy designed to end chronic disease and even just help you get to optimal wellbeing.  Our goal is for you to Live Well, Feel Well, Be Well.

About Us: Our Health Care Provider Team

Our  staff is the most comprehensive group of providers together under one roof in North Texas:  clinical nutritioniststherapist and counselors, therapeutic massage and energy medicine providers as well as life coaches,  health coaches and professional organizing to give you a truly body-mind-spirit approach to wellness.

Medical providers are independent of the services of Living Well Dallas.

About Us – Meet our team of health care providers