After her own family members experienced complications from surgeries, closed head injuries, cancer and broken bones, Bethlyn began to study anatomy, biofeedback, physiology, pathology, the human energy bio-field as well as how beliefs and perceptions impact human biology. She has been designing and implementing case studies to test many of the technologies, techniques and supplements that claim to produce improvements in health.

After tracking results in a hospital system and an independent research project, Bethlyn is now bringing her learnings to the general public. She is dedicated to teaching what she has experienced to be the most effective healing tools. Bethlyn was surprised (and perhaps you will be too!) to learn that the most positive outcomes consistently happen when people enter a deep state of trust and believe in the efficacy of the care they receive.

Bethlyn has presented these energetic techniques at the 4 most recent meetings of the national Practical Parenting Education Conference, in over 50 corporate team meetings, to school officials, sports clubs and currently facilitates parent support groups in association with the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) organization.