As a licensed clinical psychologist and performing classical musician, Dr. Humphrey is experienced in integrating the beneficial aspects of both art and science in her approach to conducting psychotherapy. She brings a unique understanding of harmony and balance to her practice, originating in the therapeutic relationship and resulting ultimately in the enhancement of the individual or couple seeking therapy. She is adept at understanding that we all encounter dilemmas at various points in our lives, yet often aren’t resolved on their own. When that occurs, individual or relational therapy will have a profound impact on obtaining resolution. Dr. Humphrey listens, understands, provides comfort, and pursues the appropriate therapeutic approach for each individual or relational conflict.

Working with couples is one area of specialty for Dr. Humphrey.  She has completed Advanced Couples Training from the Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington, which has conducted therapeutic, assessment, and intervention research on couples and relationships since 1975.  In addition to heterosexual marriages and relationships, Dr.  Gottman’s research and results have also been applied to gay and lesbian couples.   Dr. Humphrey has experience working with all types of relationships, including “mixed-orientation” marriages, with the understanding that each relationship is unique and that treatment is tailored accordingly.

If hearing the term “mixed-orientation” is unclear, a brief explanation might be helpful.  It isn’t about marriages of different races or religions, but about a marriage in which one person is gay or lesbian, and the other person is straight.  While many gay couples have become more open in terms of accepting their sexual orientation and “coming out” to others, those who are in a mixed-orientation relationship are much more closeted.  When a gay spouse agonizes about disclosure, determining how to resolve the predicament can be petrifying.  Upon divulging one’s homosexual orientation, profoundly traumatic issues for both partners usually arise, including loss of trust, depression, betrayal, shame, how or if to inform the children (if any), whether to remain together or depart, etc.  Therapeutic interaction will help them address this delicate dilemma and make the most comfortable decision about how to proceed.

In addition to resolving relational concerns, Dr. Humphrey also helps individuals with problems in the areas of Depression, Abandonment, Anxiety, Adoption, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Family of Origin issues.

Dr. Humphrey also provides psychological assessments.   Psychological assessments are administered to identify a wide range of functioning including our strengths, weaknesses, personality styles, and areas needing improvement.  Assessment results help inform and enhance therapy, as well as determine whether medication might be helpful.  In addition to utilizing standard clinical assessment instruments that pinpoint depression, anxiety, stress, personality features, attention deficit problems and body image issues, additional instruments are informative as well.  Examples include emotional intelligence, resilience to stress, attitude and lifestyle, and relational compatibility.

For more information, Denise invites you to contact her for a consultation. Together, you will determine your personal plan for growth. To read more about our counseling and assessment services click here.