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For you, your friends and your honey are all welcome to experience these special experiences to help you get back to yourself in all areas of your life in an inventive, creative, healing way. 

Magical Marriage & Relationship Mondays

Do you desire more meaning, connection, intimacy & separation of household chores/organization in your relationship?  Then, please feel free to take the time for you, your honey, and the health of your household by exploring deeplove. deeplove and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts & Re-marriage) are both in the form of assessments taken by the couple, books with homework and individual couple coaching sessions. Jenny Bair, MHE, has several packages to help you and your love make your heart’s desires happen. It’s best to start with a 15-minute phone consult and she guide you to the best option for you or you and your love.  All sessions can be done in person, via phone or zoom. So, set up your phone consult today by calling 972-930-0260.  So, when you sign up for any sessions or packages on a Magical Monday; you’ll receive a special gift of a “Spicy Passion” essential oil blend made by Jenny.  She offers day and evening appointments on Magical Mondays for your convenience. These services are best for the serious daters, pre-engaged, engaged and married couples.

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Total Immersion Education Tuesdays

We set aside free or very reasonable educational events with all of the providers at Living Well Health and Wellness on Tuesday evenings.  So, stay tuned with the newsletter and our social media to see what the latest and greatest topics and speakers will be offering you. 

Wellness Wednesdays 

Several practitioners are offering special rates on popular services for Wellness Wednesday. This is a chance to experience something new!  We encourage you to take time for your personal well-being every day at Living Well. Wellness Wednesdays makes that easy.  We look forward to seeing you make time for yourself, body, mind and spirit.




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HIIT the Gym

By Betty Murray

The American College of Sports Medicine conducted a survey to determine the top fitness trends of 2014. HIIT tops the list, along with bodyweight training. So what is HIIT?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a circuit of short bursts of, as the name suggests, high-intensity workouts. Each exercise is followed by a short recovery period. HIIT training is designed to get the heart rate up and keep it up in order to burn more fat in less time. High-intensity exercise creates an oxygen shortage in the body, causing Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), when the body requires more oxygen during recovery, thus burning more calories (known as the afterburn effect).

A HIIT workout resulting in EPOC also increases metabolism for up to 48 hours after the workout is complete, so you will continue to burn fat even after you complete your workout. HIIT builds muscle strength through bodyweight exercises, so although you’ll be burning fat and losing weight, you won’t lose muscle.

HIIT also improves heart health, as it pushes the heart rate into the anaerobic zone. One study found that after eight week of HIIT workouts, subjects were able to bicycle twice as long as they could prior to the eight weeks of HIIT.

One of the greatest benefits of HIIT exercise is that it requires no equipment, so it really can be done anywhere. The focus of a HIIT workout should be on pushing your heart rate to the max, so in some cases, equipment may even be a detriment. A sample HIIT workout might include:

50 sit-ups
30 second rest
40 jump squats
30 second rest
30 push-ups
30 second rest
20 jumping lunges
30 second rest
10 tricep dips
30 second rest
30 seconds of burpees

HIIT exercise is a quick and convenient way to get in a good workout when you may be limited by time, or lack of access to fitness equipment. A HIIT workout can be done anywhere, whether you’re at home, traveling, at the park, or at the gym. Most HIIT routines are completed in 30 minutes or less.

If you want to burn fat fast, while challenging yourself, try HIIT. You won’t get bored with the quickly changing intervals, and if you really push yourself, you’ll see results faster than you would with steady-state cardio exercise.

Betty Murray, CN, HHC, RYT is a Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Health Counselor, founder of the Dallas-based integrative medical center, Wellness and founder of the Metabolic Blueprint wellness program. Betty’s nutrition counseling practice specializes in metabolic and digestive disorders and weight loss resistance. A master of the biochemistry of the body, Betty teaches her clients how to utilize nutritional interventions to improve their health. Betty is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.