MINT Membership – PreLaunch


Do you smell it? The inspiring, powerfully intoxicating scent of MINT? It grows with enthusiasm pushing us to move forward symbolically. This is why we decided on this name for our new online international magazine named MINT Health Magazine. “Living in MINT Condition.” My business partner, Betty Murray and myself have been dreaming of this creation since 2005 and now it’s coming true. We’re beyond excited to share our first edition with you on March 1st, 2016. 

In celebration of the new MINT Health Magazine, Jenny Bair is offering a VIP Pre-Launch to her new MINT Membership program. Mint Photo

So, here is YOUR VIP Offer:
Call 972-930-0260
Call the office by the end of Monday, February 29th (open from 9am-6pm) to set up your 30 minute PHONE MINT- Living Session with Jenny Bair, MHE, The Inner Organizer.

VIP Gift #1 –
You will receive two self-tests by email from our office afer you schedule your appointment time. You will choose one or both self-test you’d like to take before your call. These self-tests will help you decide what topic you’d like to discuss on our call. You and Jenny will pick one challenge that is most important to brainstorm and problem solve using Jenny’s N.O.W. Method. Then, you’ll walk away from this call with at least 3 ACTION steps which will help you feel more liberated, free and invigorated.

Gift #2 – You’ll also RECEIVE via Email some delicious food recipes and some diffusion recipes created by Jenny using essential oils complimentary after your phone MINT Living Session.

If you decide to join the MINT Membership during the month of March; you’ll receive a complimentary sample card of three essential oils and also 10% off of your essential oil purchase in March or April 2016.

Jenny believes she can offer expertise to support you in your endeavors to live a full, vivacious, zesty, life.
MINT Membership will cover:
-Life Coaching
-Relationship & Pre- & Marriage Coaching
-Busy Parent & Household Management Coaching
-Organizational & Productivity Coaching
-Space Organization Consultations via PHONE
-Aromatherapy Education & Recipes for Diffusion & Body Products

Learn more about Jenny Bair at or LinkedIN

In the meantime, ask yourself, “Don’t I want to be Cool, Calm and MINT-minded?”

Call now, to set up your MINT Living session at 972-930-0260 by 2/29 to redeem your VIP gifts and offers. Please feel free to invite those that might be desiring to move forward in their lives with a little needed MINT-spiration!


low testosterone

BioTE Hormone Balancing Seminar – FREE

Join the providers of Optimal Wellness & Hormone Balancing as they discuss how to safely and naturally balance your hormones. 

Did you know a 35 year old female has half the testosterone as a 2o year old female?  Did you know that testosterone deficiency is associated with increased risk of mortality in men?  Hormones are the chemical messengers produced by our glands transported in our blood to our cells, organs & nerves to stimulate them into action.  If we are deficient our bodies lack the set of instructions to defend itself from disease. 

Bring a friend or two and enjoy this informative, interactive, fun, & life changing event. We’ll serve light snacks and drinks.

Space is limited so please confirm your attendance by calling the office at 972-930-0260 or email to let us know you’re coming. Feel free to bring a friend or your partner!





Be Well launching events in October

The Be Well Membership is re-vamped, re-created and re-designed

 just for YOU!!

Self-care may not sound sexy but it’s essential and a priority for quality living, well-being and your health.
We have re-vamped our Be Well Membership and have created several exciting events to share how you can incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into your life. You can live with less stress, more contentment, more joy, more passion, more energy and more engaging relationships.
We want to help you arrive at your definition of what would make your life tick from the inside-out in your Mind, Body and Spirit. We’ve focused our program on Mood, Food, Movement, Healing Touch, Life & Creativity.
So, if you need to add a little pizazz into your life and keep it there; we believe we have the answer. You + Be Well = Optimal Living. Our team of veteran experts will be alongside you every step of your personal journey.

Join our Be Well team in the month of October for one of the following events and get introduced to our new program and it’s benefits.

Tues 10/20 @ 6:30PM – 8PM
Be Well in Your Mind, Body & Spirit Panel
FREE – you must hold your space though; call the office to register
All of the providers that help you with FOOD, MOOD, LIFE, HEALING TOUCH and CREATIVITY will be on the panel.  They will share their philosophy of care, what typical appointments are like, give you insight into why they do what they do and who and how they can help.  Also, to be discussed are the benefits of that service/treatment regimen to your specific situation or condition. Then, we’ll open it up for questions. Then, you will be presented with savory options for your health.
Saturday Educational Event –
Sat 10/24 @ 10-11:30am
Be Well in Your Relationships with Jenny
FREE – you must hold your space though; call the office to register
A more in depth look at relationship and marriage coaching; a field not to be feared but to embrace if you want to see change in all of your relationships. She will share the 7 Key Values to a Great Relationship and the Layering Triangle of Love she takes clients through.
Then, she will open it up for questions. Jenny will also share some special recipes for LOVE and appealing sexy offers for your relationships. Remember, the MOST important relationship of LOVE to embrace is with YOURSELF. This will be a core theme expressed.
Celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary at our Gratitude Wine and Cheese Party 
at Living Well –
No Whining; just Live Well with the Be Well Membership
Thursday, 11/5 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Come mix, mingle, talk to our providers, see our place and hear about all of the details of the new membership.
We’ll have mini-talks, cool door prizes, great gluten free snacking and of course lots of meeting on interesting people. We couldn’t do this celebration without you. You are the reason we’ve been in business for 10 years!

Join us for a Healthy Happy Hour on Tuesday, November 10th
Surviving the Holidays Panel – Don’t be a GRINCH or How to Deal with One”
2:00PM -6:00PM – Try On Sessions (20 min each – Try on one or more of our Be Well Circle Services)
6:30PM – 8PM – Panel discussion


Meet the New Be Well Membership Team 2015

Sarah Ferguson, MABC
Life Transitions and Grief/Loss Coaching
Kaelyn Pehrson, Certified Health Coach & Wholeistic Kinesiologist
From whole food cleanses, numerous delicious recipes, the right eating for you, and meeting your physical health goals; she’s your girl

Jessica Blue Sky Vigil, LPC
Creative Counselor with specialty in getting grounded in yourself through
 innovative outlets like art, nature, & breath work

Brenda Briscoe, LMT, Bowen Practitioner, LED Light Therapist
Brenda specializes in healing the body from pain, discomfort to live a life full of joy. She specializes in chronic pain from a variety of conditions; she has a passion for migraines, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, digestive issues and more.

Summer Specials at Living Well

Don’t Miss out on Stellar Summer Specials offered by our providers!



Aromatherapy Consultations now Available
with Billie Lyde – Massage & Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Consults include an extensive intake and three custom blended oils to take home.  Oils will last anywhere from 3 months to a year depending upon how you use them.

Cost for consults are $165, including take-home oils

Book your appointment with Billie Lyde today by calling (972) 930-0260. 



For LOVERS and those working on balancing hormones –

Don’t Miss Jenny’s Sexy Summer Blowout Sale on all in stock PureRomance Inventory

You can choose, $25, $50, $100, or a $150.00 surprise package for yourself, your honey or both. They will have bath, beauty, and sexy products
 in your package.
(You can pick up or your package can be mailed)
Call Jenny at the practice for more information
(972) 930-0260.
This SALE will run from July 13th – July 27th!!!!!
Don’t miss out.

Magical Marriage Adventure


From Exhausted Roommates to Passionate Lovers

Heart’s Desire – Shared Vision – Connection

Do you want more quality time with your spouse?

Do you want to connect on all levels? (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Soulical)

Want to ignite your passion and turn the heat up on romance in your relationship?


By calling, 972-930-0260 OR email  

Receive a free self-test before your free 30-minute consultation. 

Ms. Bair’s clients consist of WIVES and couples willing to work for their GREAT marriage.

Fifty Shades of Love

Regain your



Want to ignite your connection and turn the heat up on romance in your relationship?

Do you want to dip into the waters of pleasure and gratification to use the power of your passion to unlock your inner seductress? 

 Do you want to identify your desires and unleash them to create a life of abundance bringing Sensuality, LOVE and JOY to everything you do?

Schedule your Free 30 minute consultation
by emailing or phone at 972.930.0260

*Receive a free self-test prior to your consultation.  Choose from HER pleasure or Couple’s quiz*

Living Well Dallas
Home of Jenny Bair, MHE
Sexuality Health Certification obtained from Indiana University
14330 Midway Rd., Bldg 1 Ste 121 Dallas, TX 75244

Lucky Ladies Night Out

Ladies ONLY event with Jenny Bair and Sarah Ferguson

at Living Well Dallas – MOVED TO SUNDAY MARCH 8TH FROM 2 TO 3:30PM

Leave the world behind and come learn some tips and techniques to bring forth your beauty and how to get lucky in love and in your bedroom…This is only for girl friends to come mix, mingle, snack, bond, try new products and well, have an excuse to have FUN!!! This will be an open house format so come and go as you desire. Sarah is a former counselor who is debuting her Mary Kay business. Jenny is a coach specializing in intimacy, sexuality, relationships and is a Pure Romance consultant as well.  We’ll give some fun prizes for the best Kiss Me I’m Irish additions to your outfits.

RSVP for this event to or by calling the office at 972-930-0260. We hope to see you there! 


Resolution Sampler Saturday @ Move Studio

Resolution Sampler Saturday @ Move Studio

January 24 @ 1:30 pm

Resolution Sampler Saturday at Move Studio with Jenny Bair

1:30PM -2PM
Be Free! in the New Year
Embrace New Ways to Think Your Way Out of Stress and Use Essential Oils to promote Your Well-being

Tired of the radio station that plays in your head causing you to be more self-critical, judging, controlling, or just plain worried or panicked that things won’t’ turn out?

Then, come learn some simple ways to incorporate techniques into your daily life that can make a HUGE difference when you practice them.  Also, leverage your thinking and being with the power of essential oils for your mental, physical, andrelational health.

2:00PM -2:30PM
Get Your Sizzle Back in Life and the Bedroom! (For ladies ONLY please)

Learn some tools and techniques that you can start using right away to gain your power, zestiness, spark and passion back in your life in 2015!

Ms. Bair, MHE, The Passioneer of Purpose and Co-owner of Living Well Dallas will share some concepts and tips to bring you forward every day in all of the roles you possess.

Bring your sensuality, senses, play, more laughter and sex into your new year in a way that makes sense for you.

Move Studio
17062 Preston Rd, Suite 108
Dallas, TX 75248


BioTE Hormone Balancing Seminar – FREE

Tuesday, January 20th from 6:30 – 8PM

Are you suffering from anxiety, stress, weight gain, mood swings, depression, joint pain, moody, or low libido?  Learn how balancing your hormones can increase energy, libido, muscle mass, bone density and your sense of well being!

Join us as Dr. Villanueva discusses how to safely and naturally balance your hormones.  Jenny Bair, MHE, is a coach specializing in Life and Love. She will be sharing how she works with the Living Well medical team to help individuals and couples take charge of their love and sex lives. She helps in the areas of communication, technique, everyday & enhancement lubricants, toys, infection protection, and the very exciting household management. She can help you to improve your relationship or make your experiences more pleasureFULL!

Bring a friend or two and enjoy this informative, interactive, fun, & life changing event. We’ll offer some great raffles for the audience too! We’ll serve light snacks and drinks.

Space is limited so please confirm your attendance by calling the office at 972-930-0260 or email to let us know you’re coming. Feel free to bring a friend or your partner!

Jenny Bair

Get the Pure Romance Back Into Your Life


Get the Pure Romance Back Into Your Life

Relationship Coaching with Jenny Bair


Many of our clients have now gotten their hormones balanced again  & their groove back with their practitioners here at Living Well (i.e. Biote and other hormone replacement therapies). Many are wanting to take their intimate-sexual experiences to a new level of fun, adventure and exploration. Others are wanting to get that basic emotional connection or get the logistics of life taken care of so they can have more time for each other. Whatever your situation is; let Jenny Bair, MHE, help make your relationship stronger from the inside-out and more pleasurable for both of you too.

Set a Romance Consult for an individual or couple in the month of January 15 minutes – FREE 

to get your love life the way you desire in 2015.

30 minutes for $50.00 ($75.00)

1 hour for $100.00 (normally $155.00)

Gift Certificates can be made for you at the office or via phone.  Call us at 972-930-0260; expires within 3 months.