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VISION; Build It, Live It, Work It! Experience on February 25th

VISION; Build It, Live It, Work It!

Experience on February 25th at the Marriott Courtyard Addison


Hosted by FMANT and Perfect Practice

Underwritten by Vibrant America

Facilitators are: Jenny Bair, Betty Murray and Suzan Kearney

For all health coaches, Chiropractors, NP’s, PA’s, MD’s,

RD’s, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and any healthcare/wellness related business owners


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Don’t Have Time To Cook? By Kaelyn Pehrson

Do you have dreams about having a live-in chef? Oh boy, I sure do! Can you imagine waking up every morning to beautifully prepared fuel not only for breakfast, but for lunch, school lunch and of course the dreaded dinner! This would be an amazing dream come true and I am a girl who  LOVES to get in the kitchen.  All too often I get stressed out due to lack of planning, and have zero idea of what I am going to concoct for the nightly dinner. This happens when I have failed to plan and prepare.  You know that five o’clock stress I am speaking of, right?  You want to eat well and feed your kiddos well, but you just don’t have the energy for an Instagram worthy meal.
Please know that you are not alone! One of the most common frustrations I hear from clients is  “I don’t have time to cook”. Guess what, friend? The real truth is that if you want your health to improve and to thrive – You must find the time to connect with your kitchen. Think about the myriad of our priorities that trump us getting into our kitchens, and sometimes even shopping for food. It simply doesn’t make sense. If we want to look and feel our best, we must fuel our bodies with nutrient dense food.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. We live in a culture where our lives are fast and furious. We are all pressed for time to eat, let alone cook. It is so easy to rely on fast food and other options to fill our hungry bellies. Guess what? This is exactly the problem. We are filling our tummies instead of nourishing our bodies. In order for this vicious and unhealthy cycle to change, we must make change.
If you are ready to do something different and REAL, I have the perfect strategy plan to share today. I use this model every week in my own life. I invite you to empower yourself, get in your kitchen and have some FUN! Set aside one hour to prepare your fridge for an unbelievable week. Plan ahead, prepare ahead and get ready to feel amazing {almost instantly}. Print the strategy plan out and put it somewhere that you can easily reference.
Have questions? Want to know more? Call Living Well Dallas at 972-930-0260 to schedule your complimentary 20- minute strategy session.

The Power of LOVE

The Power of LOVE

Jenny Bair, MHE

Jenny is newly Certified Facilitator in SYMBIS:

For pre-engaged, engaged, married couples

Here’s a brief overview about the assessment that couples can take individually for only $35.00 a couple.

Then, you choose to go over the report together.

Choose from 2- 1.5 hour sessions or 7- 1 hour sessions

Valentine’s Day Special ALL MONTH:

2 – 1.5 hour sessions are $450.00

7 Session Package is $997.00

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Jenny can also teach in small group settings as well and customize for your group. Call 972.930.0260 to set up a 20 minute consultation.

 SYMBIS and Re-marriage video:

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FMANT Event Link for Feb 25th 900-430pm

Neuropathy Class January 24th, 630-8pm With Brenda Briscoe

Do you continue to suffer from these neuropathy symptoms?
 Burning in your hands and/or feet
● Pins and needles or prickling pain
● Pain in your hands and/or feet
● Constantly dropping things
● Inability to do things with your hands that was once easy
● Inability to walk long distances without extreme pain
● Problems with balance and coordination
Are you tired of being told that nothing can be done or that you will just have to live with it?  You are likely angry and frustrated.  Would you be glad to know that there is a better way and something that you can start doing TODAY to begin defeating neuropathy?
We have good news for you.  In Brenda’s upcoming class, she will share information with you that you’ve likely never heard that can help you take control of your neuropathy. After listening, you will be armed with the information, knowledge, and education you need to make the best choices to manage your neuropathy.  You can move forward armed with the knowledge to free yourself from neuropathy.

Brain Tap For Holiday Giving!

While there is a wide assortment of relaxation and visualization methods, most of these take conscious effort. With the breakthrough of light and sound brain training technology, you don’t have to “believe in “or “do” anything. Through frequency following response, the brain “syncs” to the gentle light strobes and embedded tones. You are in the experience and don’t have to create it. Negative thoughts, habits, and stress are the enemies of the brain. You can’t expect to have peak brain performance when it’s busy managing the flight-or-flight response that’s inherent in your overloaded lifestyle.

In order to overcome the brutal effects of stress, you must achieve the relaxation response, and it needs to happen every day. You can’t get into the relaxation response while generating beta brain wave activity. Your brain wave activity must dip into alpha, the intuitive mind, and theta, the inventive mind. In modern society, due to our environment and lifestyles, nearly everybody’s brain has habituated to high beta activity with little or no alpha or theta, which means few people ever engage the intuitive or inventive capabilities of their brains.

Many people believe that theta is the optimum state for creativity and that it’s the only place one can make a quantum leap in consciousness. But the theta state is difficult to maintain. When you slip into theta (4-7 Hz), which everyone does at least twice each day (right before falling asleep and just before awakening), and when there are no beta or alpha frequencies mixed with the theta, most people lose consciousness. This is where frequency following response comes in — it keeps your brain engaged and balances brain wave activity.

When people use light and sound technology, they often describe feeling as if their inner experience is more real than the outer experience, which is temporarily suspended. Most importantly, by training your brain to operate in a full-spectrum balance of brain wave activity, you’ll have a brain fortified for endurance and optimized for exceptional cognition, creativity, and inventiveness.

Our Brain Tap device accomplishes these relaxation brain states.  These are great Christmas gifts that keep on giving.  Call our office at 972-930-0260 to receive a 10% discount off the regular cost of $495 ($50 off).


BrainZen by Brenda Briscoe

While there is a wide assortment of relaxation and visualization methods, most of these take conscious effort. With the breakthrough of light and sound brain training technology, you don’t have to “believe in “or “do” anything. With our Brain Tap experience, the brain “syncs” to the gentle light strobes and embedded tones. You are in the experience and don’t have to create it. Negative thoughts, habits, and stress are the enemies of the brain. You can’t expect to have peak brain performance when it’s busy managing the flight-or-flight response that’s inherent in your overloaded lifestyle. In order to overcome the brutal effects of stress, you must achieve the relaxation response.  

Come in for your Brain Tap Experience, called BrainZen.  We will combine the Brain Tap with essential oils that will relax and soothe the stress right out of your day, along with a few minutes of Reflexology.

LightZen by Brenda Briscoe

LED lights are applied to sore or painful areas of your body or where you are having digestive or elimination problems, for example.  Since these lights help increase circulation, they are also great for sexual dysfunction in men or women.  The near infrared lights penetrate all the way through tissue to bone and are cleared by the FDA for decreasing pain, swelling and inflammation, as well as increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.
At the same time, we will combine the LED LIghts with essential oils that will relax and soothe the stress right out of your day, along with a few minutes of Reflexology.

Why Weight?

By Shawn Alexander

Whether you believe it or not, lean muscle naturally diminishes as we age, and if ever a statement was true, “use it or lose it” should be ringing in your ears if you are over 40.  I can attest to this as I have been training people for over thirty years , mostly in the same facility which has allowed me to witness dramatic changes in scores of people over the years.

Science has already proven that resistance training is important for overall health, especially as we age. If you are interested in data and statistics, that’s an easy topic to google which will pull up literally thousands of research studies and articles.  What I’m about to tell you comes from MY years  of experience and not a study which for some people might be more practical advice.

First off, training properly with weights and resistance exercises can improve many facets of your life, starting  with the way your body looks,  how it feels, and even your mood.  I have helped people overcome depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, weight issues, diabetes and a long list of other health issues introducing weight training into their lives.  Another thing I’ve noticed over the years in my facility is that people who use weights in their fitness program are more consistent with their workouts and seem to have a higher level of satisfaction when it’s all said and done.

In general, people who live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly seem to age slower than people who don’t.  Being in the gym most of my life I’ve grown accustomed to being surrounded by healthy, happy people. Sometimes it’s a shock to me when I’m out in the “real world” to see how unhealthy much of our population is, especially with all the resources available to live a healthy lifestyle.  These days you can see a fitness center or gym on almost every corner.  So, with this being said,  maybe it’s time to think about making the most of your fitness routine and including some weights along with the treadmill and your yoga classes. I promise, you will be happy that you did.

If you don’t presently use weights in your fitness routine and you are considering it, here are a few tips that may help you get started.

1. If you have never lifted weights before, a trainer can be very helpful in making sure that you are using the proper form to avoid injury.  Another great source is , believe it or not, YouTube.  Trainers worldwide post videos that can be very helpful with almost any kind of exercises and I have found it to be very helpful for many people.

2.  If you prefer doing cardiovascular work when you are in the gym,  you can easily insert various  weight exercises into your workout by simply stopping the machine you are on and heading to the weights for one or two sets and then it’s back to the cardio.  This is a great way to get fit really fast.

3.  A big misconception is that you need to lift weights several times a week to benefit from them, which is not true.  Twice a week will work great if you have a balanced workout .

4.  Two to three sets with eight to ten repetitions is a great way to start.  As your body becomes adjusted to the resistance, you can slowly increase the poundages you are lifting, as long as you are not compromising your form

5.  Don’t forget to let your body recover from your weight workouts. Basically this means, don’t lift every day, especially as you get stronger.  Lots of people get excited when they start seeing changes in their bodies so they start lifting more and more. More is not better. Your muscles need to rest and recover for at least two to three days after a hard workout with weights.

6. Sometimes it helps to have a workout partner who can spot you and help push you just a little harder than you would otherwise do.  It also helps to know that someone is waiting for you at the gym to make it harder for you to just go home and crash on the couch after work.

7. Last but not least, make sure to pay extra attention to your nutrition after you have begun adding weights to your fitness program.  We truly are what we eat and if your body doesn’t have the proper nutrition to recover from your workouts,  you won’t be able to enjoy optimal health and wellness.

My name is Shawn Alexander and I am a trainer at Physiofit in Dallas. I am excited to be contributing to the Living Well newsletter and welcome any questions you may have in regards to fitness and exercise. I can be reached at 972-839-1323.

A Live Event: Unlock the Mysteries of Autoimmune Disease

Join Us for a Live Panel Discussion:
Unlock the Mysteries of Autoimmune Disease with Natural Solutions

Thursday, October 6th 
6:30PM – 8:30PM
On The Border – Addison
4855 Beltline Rd
Addison, TX 75254

Do you suffer from Unexplained Symptoms? Pain? Fatigue? Fuzzy thinking? Do you feel UNHEARD?
Our Pain Recovery Clinic works so you can play!

This seminar presented by John Roland, MD; Brenda Briscoe, LMT, Celia Naples, CHC and Joy Schwartz will show you natural solutions that remedy the most vexing symptoms.

Reserve your SPOT today!  Call 972-930-0260

30 Day Sugar Freedom Detox with Celia Naples, CHHC

40524414_lPresented by Celia Naples, CHHC at Living Well Dallas

4 Thursdays beginging on May 19th, including May 26th, June 2nd and June 9th from 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Call 972.930.0260 to register


Recently released research has shown it is not fat that makes us fat – it is sugar. That is no surprise when the average American consumes as much as 25 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Excessive sugar consumption can also lead to inflammation, which is believed to be the root cause of many illnesses including autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

It is easy to understand why sugar is a BIG problem:
• Sugar signals the brain to release the same pleasure neurotransmitters as cocaine
• Sugar is found in very unlikely places like tomato sauce and condiments
• There are at least 61 names for sugar

Being unable to control sugar consumption is not a matter of willpower. We are hardwired with several physiological processes brought on by eating habits and stress, which work against us and keep us coming back for more and more sugar.

Avoiding sugar takes both awareness and vigilance. Giving up sugar-even for a short time-is difficult to do alone. In the 30-Day Sugar Freedom Detox you will be part of a supportive group of like-minded individuals who share similar struggles and goals, lead by Certified Holistic Health Coach Celia Naples.

We will explore:
• Science based information about the physiological factors behind sugar addiction
• The hidden role stress plays in our eating habits
• The importance of nutrient dense foods

You will receive strategies for:
• Stopping cravings
• Creating new eating habits
• How to eat “sugar free” while everyone around you imbibes in sugar

Essential tools for success:
• Simple to follow 30 day eating plan (modifications made as needed)
• Go Foods / No Foods list
• Recipes
• Food diary
• Weekly action plan

• Weekly group meetings for 4 weeks
• Weekly emails
• Closed Facebook group
• One on One Consultation with Celia Naples ( in person or via phone / skype)

The total cost for this program is $197.  Call to reserve your spot and register today! (972) 930-0260

Celia Naples

Celia trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach in May 2013. She is also a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a Certified Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, and is training to become a Reiki Master.

Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge of dietary theories, she works with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Along with her formal training, Celia brings a lifetime of experience, knowledge and intuition to her coaching practice. She has an innate ability to motivate people to take action. She employs this gift to empower people to embrace life-changing experiences, enabling them to discover self-compassion, ignite their vital energy, and restore their body, mind, and spirit to health and wholeness.

Celia and her husband of 31 years, James, live in Dallas, Texas. They are the parents of three grown children and Stewie, the sweetest dog in the world.