Wellness is a journey, not a destination.

Join the Be Well Circle Membership to Live well, Feel well, and Be well.

We know that being healthy often means improving your nutrition, managing stress, and making sure your body is functioning at its very best and pain-free.  To help you achieve whole-being wellness, Living Well Dallas designed the Be Well Circle Membership and the Path to Optimal Healing & Health.

As a member, you will discover unprecedented lifetime rewards in health, with better relationships, enhanced resilience to stress and illness, and increased energy, vitality and overall health.

You and your health goals are fully supported with our unique integrative approach to health. Living Well’s professional health team guides you on your path of truly living, feeling and being well. Call today to join in Living Well – 972-930-0260.

Be Well Circle Membership  has membership levels to meet your specific health & wellness goals.

As a Be Well Circle Membership member, you will discover how to get “Me Time” effortlessly with the rewards of stress reduction, relaxation, finding balance, improved nutrition and weight loss. Joining the membership allows you to take advantage of our 4 core services at significant discounts (single services prices range from $80-$125 an hour). By just taking advantage of the membership, you can save from $21 to $250 a month in valuable services.

Create your be well circle membership with monthly sessions of nutrition coaching, counseling with licensed counselors, life coaching, therapeutic massage and energy medicine. Join the Be Well Circle Membership to be nourished and motivated so you can live, feel and be well.

Your be well circle membership may include any combination of the following Essential Services – you can mix and match with any of these services:

Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching with your Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist – a healthy body requires healthy food. Don’t navigate nutrition changes alone. Our certified health coaches have been trained to help you achieve lasting weight loss.

Health and Nutrition Coaching – nutrition coaching and counseling by certified nutritionists give you the tools, techniques, plans and support to make your weight and nutrition goals come true.  Get your very own health coach!

Therapeutic Swedish Massage – massage is more than just for relaxation. Massage can help the body heal, relax and rejuvenate. Whether you just want to relax or get the kinks worked out, our massage therapists can take care of you.

Individual Counseling with Licensed Professional Counselors and LPC-interns – coaching and counseling give you a chance to talk through lifes big and small challenges. Let us help you get unstuck.

Essential Zen Facial – beauty is beyond skin deep.  However, a radiant and glowing complexion is your beacon to the world that you are healthy and vibrant. Take advantage of your membership by bringing your inner glow out!


Be Well Circle Membership

Be Well Circle™Membership Harmonious Healing

$159 per month with a one-time initiation fee of $39
15% discount on supplements and functional foods
We recommend working with several services to achieve optimal health.

All additional 60-minute Be Well Circle™ services available $50.

Be Well Circle Membership Path to Inner Radiance

Choose any two services from the above list. We recommend working with a variety services to achieve optimal health
$109 per month with a one-time initiation fee of $39
10% discount on supplements and functional foods

Be Well Circle Membership Path to Unwind

Choose one service a month to keep you tuned up and running well.

$59 per month with a one-time initiation fee of $39
One 60-minute Be Well Circle™ of your choice
All additional 50-minute Be Well Circle™ services available $59.

Optimal Healing & Health Shared Program

  • Share this program with a person living in the same house for $297 a month
    • Split the services down the middle and share with your significant other, partner or family member