Bowen Technique & Neuro-Structural Technique (NST)

The Bowen Technique was developed in Australia by the late Mr. Tom Bowen. It is a unique form of neuromuscular repatterning. It works primarily through the nervous system on both structural and energetic levels. The technique is gentle and noninvasive, and can be performed through clothing.

The Bowen Technique is a completely new concept in bodywork. It is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modality.

Misalignments commonly right themselves – yet there is no manipulation of joints or bones as in chiropractic.

Muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored – yet muscles are not squeezed as in massage.

Meridians show immediate improvements – yet the work is not based on meridians and does not resemble acupuncture or acupressure.

Fascia rehydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens – yet there is no heavy pressure as in Rolfing or deep tissue work.

Internal psychological shifts are common – yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional response as in mind-body therapies.

Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state and a deep sense of well-being and ease.

Bowen Therapy is completely safe and appropriate for everyone from the highly trained athlete to newborns, pregnant women, elderly and the chronically ill. Bowen has been successful in treating musculoskeletal problems, such as back and neck pain, scoliosis, sporting injuries, TMJ misalignment, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also renowned for its effectiveness with internal conditions, such as migraines, digestive and elimination complaints, colic in babies, and respiratory problems, including asthma.

A Bowen treatment consists of gentle rolling movements. These stimulations activate a systemic response so powerful that a few minutes’ pause is observed to allow them to be integrated. A pattern of movements and pauses continues throughout the treatment. The rhythm is soothing, and most clients fall asleep at least once during the session. Benefits are usually apparent within a few sessions, even when long-standing conditions are being treated. Bowen results are lasting and profound.