Rapid Eye is one of the most effective, pain-free, graceful ways to release anxiety, stress, trauma and fear.

In a rapid eye session you will sit in a chair and blink your eyes rapidly.  This turns on the emotional center of your brain and sends the message that there is balance (between the light and dark).  I will wave an eye-directing device (it looks like a wand) in front of your eyes very quickly. Your brain will pick up these movements and send messages between your right and left brain.  While you are blinking and I am waving, I will be saying words aloud in rapid succession (words like: fear, sadness, never good enough, terror, anxiety, etc.).

When we say a word that pertains to anything that your brain/system is holding on to, you will be triggered. People show evidence of triggers in many ways. Some of the most common are: crying, laughing, yawning, and physical sensations in the eyes or other parts of the body.

When you are triggered we will go through a quick process to eliminate the neural net attached to that emotion that caused the trigger. Think of yourself as having many, many layers of experiences and perceptions (kind of like an onion) and in the middle of all of these layers is YOU, the perfect spiritual being that was originally created in love and honor.  Rapid Eye assists your system in releasing ‘onion wedges’ of experience, perception and trauma to reveal your core true self.  Once you begin to see and remember who you really are, you will begin to make choices for your life based on this truth, not the experiences and perceptions that have covered YOU up for so long.

You may experience three phases of healing and each takes between 3 and 5 sessions.  The first phase is what I call Peeling and Releasing.  This is when we do lots of blinking and releasing, just peeling back layers and layers of whatever is not working for you anymore.  Then, you may come in and make some sort of comment about how things look completely different to you, or you found that you reacted completely differently to a usual stressor – this tells me that you have entered the second phase, an Awakening phase.  In this second phase, you may also notice that you have a hard time remembering how you used to feel.  Many people are tempted to stop coming at this point because they feel so much better.  They do feel better, but they’ve missed an entire 1/3 of their possibilities!! The third phase is marked by an intense desire to change your world – to deliberately do things differently in order to achieve different results.  This Creative phase is really where we were all meant to be. You have the potential to feel more alive and connected than you have in a long, long time.  Once you maintain this creativity for several sessions, you will do well to maintain your new investment in yourself by coming back for ‘tune-up’ sessions every 6 months or so.

Each session is  about 75 – 90 minutes.  You may begin to feel a difference after the first session or two.   we have found that if we can do the first four sessions in fairly quick succession – say over the course of four or five weeks – you can gain some momentum.  Then, we can schedule more loosely, gradually spreading them out.  On the other hand, we have had clients come in once a month for over a year and have achieved great results.  This said, we will develop a plan based on your needs and goals.  My priority is to work at a pace that will support your long-term healing.

Although everyone’s journey is individual, there is a protocol, or structure, that we do follow to ensure that you receive the most thorough Rapid Eye Technology sessions.

Session 1: Introductory session.  We will discuss your health history, your family structure, your goals, your complete circuit of energy and you will learn the Energy Realignment (‘tapping’) sequence.  There is usually not any blinking on this first session.

Sessions 2 & 3: Light Birth, Part 1 & 2. Many of our life’s patterns began during the birth process, which began while we were in the light with our Creator (God, Heavenly Father, Source).  During this time, we may have developed beliefs in struggle, pain, not good enough, or darkness, to name a few.  This script is written to remind the system that we brought the light with us; we are not ever disconnected.  Individual goals and needs will be addressed within the structure of this script.

Sessions 4 & 5: Timeline – Inner Child Work.  These sessions work in the parts of our subconscious that continue to hold trauma from our childhood, birth – 18 years.  Individual goals and needs will be addressed within the structure of these scripts.

Sessions 6:  Defense sets.  Identifying and addressing what your system does when you are afraid.  Looking at old patterns that are no longer effective and helping your system develop new patterns that may bring better results. 

Sessions 7 – 12:  Once the foundation has been laid for your journey and we’ve addressed many fundamental issues and beliefs held in the DNA through the first 6 sessions, we will begin to address very specific and individual needs.  Some of the sessions that we will do will include:

Specific emotions:  grief, fear, anger, regret, blame, addictive patterns, self-esteem, boundaries, etc.

Perception/Creation Walk

New Pattern Cycle Creation

Clearing for Unconditional Love

Core Belief Scramblers

Balance Walk

Long Birth

Energy/Prayer/Creation Circles

Chakra Scripts: 1 through 12

Walking in Your Auric Fields

Self Care Tools: You will also learn several self-care tools along the way:


Patching with R Mode/L Mode conversation

Energy Realignment

Immediate Release Technique


Energy/Prayer/Creation Circles

Balance Walk

Perception/Creation Walk


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