Life Coaching



Life Coaching is all about helping you get organized and remove obstacles so you can achieve what you want to achieve.  Life Coaching helps you even if you do knot know what you want to do or you feel stuck and want to do something new and need help finding your passion.  The organizational way is about making an immediate difference in your surroundings and then following a pathway filled with beneficial day-to-day systems and enhancements in your life. We want to help you envision the change made possible to you through becoming an organized person.

Life Coaching Method – Mapping Your Life — Discovering which direction to go

We offer mapping sessions to reveal the BIG PICTURE of your life; how you compartmentalize your thoughts, feelings, and actions reflects how you do things — how well and how much effort it takes to do them. We like to call this process, “reducing the subterranean brain chaos” to make what matters to you happen.

During your life coaching session, we get out a large pad, pencils, crayons, and markers, just like in kindergarten…ah the smell of new crayons. Then you are asked open ended questions to facilitate discussion about your life goals and desires, and when finished, you’ve produced a beautiful piece of art which we can use as the organization life map or building block for your Life Strategic Plan. We create them in our work, but very rarely attach the same concepts to our personal lives.

Life Coaching looks at how your organizational mind works, and then gives you a plan that reinforces your strengths and helps you tweak the weaknesses to make things “flow” for you. Our approach helps to (re)map your life so that you do things with a clearer purpose, easier and faster. Through Life Coaching, you develop  a plan for change, tips built for you, and organization, YOU CAN DO MORE IN LESS TIME which translates into doing much more in the same amount of time…and doing the things that truly matter. You learn to weed out the urgent, unimportant tasks eating up your precious time. You’re on the way to living a fuller, more complete and happier life.

Beauty lies in your power to make change — NOW — to live your dream life!

Growth comes in stages, both outward accomplishments and internal rewards come from manifested potential, achieved only through effort and strategic order. Without an understanding of where it is that you would like to go, there is no way to reach your destination, you are without control over your life. Through our ILife Coaching approaches that include experiential testing, assessment, and insightful homework, you will have the opportunity to discover your personal direction and define your life strategic plan. You will discover how to take action, define new boundaries, think differently, love the life you are creating, and take advantage of the impetus that comes from positive change and the realization that your optimum lifestyle is possible.

Life Coaching – A package for you

Key to an organized self, is an organized home and office environment. We have a variety of standard packages, and specialty packages to supplement custom designed approaches that are implemented in stages and according to special lifestyle requirements. These cover organization for clients with special needs whether is be physical or mental.

Trusting your Organizational You

” Lifestyle Systems are about discovering — what’s natural for you. Learn to work with yourself and not against yourself!!“ Jenny Bair