Professional Organizing


Create a fulfilling, well-defined SPACE that enhances your well-being – BE AT HOME IN YOUR PERSONAL SPACE AND LOVE IT

Well defined space is a personal reward. It means that you’re living in your space, the way you want it to be…comfortable, invigorated, contemplative, relaxed, productive, dreamy…SPACE that’s just right for your lifestyle. Let our team work with you and soon you’ll discover your own space.


Each room is an opportunity to own your own space. It’s an opportunity to express yourself in your own way, through the decorations you choose, furniture placement, the places you create for solo moments, family gatherings, friendly conversations, and celebrating with guests. We help you open space, get rid of clutter, and make the best use of your space based on your functionality needs and goals. Just think, when you’ve organized a place, you’ve not only created open space, you’ve also gained a new room. Now you’ve got a new space to welcome opportunities.


You’ll thank the Professional Organizing team when they help you gain the room to actually do the things that you’ve imagined yourself doing in all your “free” time. The kitchen will no longer be your only space for creativity to cook. It’s time for those decorator magazine clippings stuffed in a file folder…somewhere to be turned into reality. Your dream space is not a dream anymore. You’ll find that, “Now I’ve got space to stretch and stretch my imagination.”


Just like a plant, people need space to grow, too. The Living Well Professional Organizing Team can help you put your space in order — bedroom, playroom, closet, craftroom, media room, garage, kitchen or office. Jenny blends your physical space with your personal space. Your concerns are her concerns. Jenny considers your learning styles, personality type, lifestyle, budget, and family/work dynamics, so your things are organized intuitively for you. When Jenny’s finished, you’ve got a new found space to grow.

Once You’ve Got the Space, Put Time on Your Side

Sometimes it is said that all you have is time. Of course, how you use your time is the difference between arriving at your destination of success and enjoying a full life, or having the feeling that you are spinning your wheels. If you are feeling overwhelmed with every task, feeling that you don’t have the time you need to achieve your goals, and worrying that a commitment to change will take too much time, it is time to take charge, contact Living Well, and commit to an organized lifestyle. Let her and her team support, motivate and facilitate this process with very little pain and a lot of humor and fun!


When organized, you hold the key to translating your goals into how you spend your time. You become the creator instead of getting sucked into the chaos.

Most people have an immediate response of resistance to creating order and building a life schedule. It seems to be the most natural response to change even when it is the thing you desire most. Create your 168 hour week, truly live it and “don’t just get by.”


Consider a rhythm of 6 to 1, no more than 6 days of labor and one of rest or create your own rhythm, maybe 5 to 2? The possibilities are endless. Are you currently living the common rhythm of “wipeout”? This is an unsustainable rhythm for long periods of time. As you know, if you’ve ever experienced BURNOUT. The art of getting into your rhythm is creating each beat to reflect your “life administrative have-tos,” with your career, social time, me time and quiet time. Many of us have a habit of ¿working too little? and not having a balanced rhythym playing in our lives. What song is your life playing now?

When you understand yourself you are free to create your time more rhythmically, and you will understand what is possible immediately, everyday, weekly, monthly, and yearly… You will be able to allocate reminders and do things in a timely manner rather than haphazardly. You will learn to comprehend your life’s rhythm and you will be able to set its tempo according to what events and challenges unfold.


If you feel your life lacks order and you have trouble completing tasks due to the chaos surrounding each and every thing that you do, then you need the help of master organizers and change-specialists, Living Well. However, developing and improving organizational skills is not limited to the chronically disorganized; almost everyone can benefit from applying the principles of lifestyle organization to their everyday life.


By working with our team you will put your physical space in order, plus you will learn how to keep it that way — the most challenging part. All of the elements within your physical space will be efficiently arranged so that you no longer waste time searching for lost and misplaced items. Additionally, what you have learned through space organization will apply to the organization of all aspects of your life. Our team helps you look at not only your environmental health, but your physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual health. They rarely stand alone, but have a synergistic relationship which impacts your life simultaneously. You also will have learned how to plan, organize and make the best use of your time based on these areas of your life. With our help, you will have learned how to acquire the time and space to create a gratifying way to live.


Once you have gained control of how you use your time and space, you are ready to add in the activities you have dropped or never allowed yourself to start. The options are yours and they are limitless. Take a look at our resource section for information on services, websites, destinations, products and activities of interest.

Packages – Out of the box packages — EXTRAORDINARY results

Our team works hard to exceed your expectations. We believe in most situations we accomplish this and completely provide the “wow!” factor. It becomes evident to all of those that have seen her team transform chaos into harmony and function.

We make it easy for you start organizing through packages optimized for your area’s functionality and activities. Choose from our home, home-office, or business packages that are designed to blend utility with content and bring order to the home and abundancy and efficiency to the office.

Filed but not forgotten — File Not Pile — Home/Office

If you would classify your home-office as, “A work with little or no progress,” then our team will bring business sense to your office space. They will help you plan and organize your space to fit they way you work best — with less clutter, containing wires cables, fewer mountainous stacks, and with a vastly improved shelving and storage systems.

Our Professional Organizing team can handle a combo of any of the below, plus ones that aren’t listed:

  • Space utilization
  • Furniture flow
  • Desk ergonomics
  • Containing our of control wires and cables; paper, book, and magazine piles
  • Desk placement and storage of office supplies
  • Development of systems — time, supplies, filing, phone and email
  • Decoration and aesthetics of your work space (so that you can’t wait to get up in the A.M. and be in there!)
  • Mail sorting, purging and creating a home for it or deciding on the action to be taken on it
  • Decide what tasks to do yourself, what to delegate, and which ones to outsource
  • Choosing and implementing the storage, shelving and desk pieces, filing pieces that work for the way you work
  • Closet design for better storage

A space for all seasons and occasions — Bedroom Closets

Eliminate the stress that lies behind your closet doors by having our team coordinate and simplify your closets. Whether you have 10 shoes or 1000, a small space or a “California” style dressing room, they will organize and harmonize; saving you time and frustration, while coordinating and simplifying your wardrobe selections for all seasons and occasions.

Our Professional Organizing team can do these to make your closet space a place you might want to stay all day:

  • Design a shelving/storage layout based on what you are going to keep and use (work with what you have already, store-bought pieces and/or custom building)
  • Create a functional, easy to access space regardless of its size
  • Help you to decide and create a system for how you think about and use you clothes and shoes
  • By season — summer, fall, winter, and spring
  • By work, casual, travel, going-out, formal
  • By sizes
  • By color
  • or a combo of the above
  • Organize hats, belts, purses, bags, and luggage in a way that makes sense to you based on preferences and usage
  • Design an area for your jewelry storage
  • Secure safes and gun storage
  • Allocate space to store lines, housewares, re-gifting and memorabilia
  • And, don’t forget the look and feel of your closet aesthetics

Cars welcome — Is your garage lonely?

Do you go into your garage to get your tools, sports equipment, or to find your most treasured item “back over there – somewhere in the corner?” Or, if it is a tight squeeze getting in and out of your car when it is in the garage, or worse yet, if your car’s parked outside because there is not any space for it in your garage, then it might be time for the Living Well team’s assistance.

We love to create that symbiotic relationship between the car, the garage, and great functional and accessible storage. We can create space for you to park your cars, sports, and yard equipment, long-term storage, household extras, tools, bikes, or create your garage into a second living and playing area. It’s your imagination we’ll follow. We’re experts in garage, attic, recycling, and creating nooks into storage.

Recipe for creative cooking and entertaining — Kitchens

We would like you to know that you are spending your time not looking for all of the ingredients to make a wonderful meal not only to eat, but to enjoy. The kitchen we can safely say in most households is an active place where family, friends, and food and drink combine to create magic that is a vital ingredient to your home’s personality.

There are cases where the kitchen has become a “dumping ground,” and a catchall for every paper and piece of mail that the family brings in that day. If your kitchen or breakfast area has turned into a “dumping ground” and you’re done, contact our team for the recipe on how to tastefully blend people and processors, utility and utensils, work-flow with traffic and homework flow, and still have a succulent, inviting and uniting space to savor great friends, family, food, and conversation.

Hub of the household — Living Areas

Do you feel relaxed in your main living area/s or overwhelmed and annoyed by the stuff creeping over the baskets in the corners and the movies reproducing in the entertainment center? Well, maybe it’s time to get a new-found pulse in the hub of your household. We are known for helping clients to get the most use and enjoyment out of their living areas. After the kitchen, the living areas are the most utilized rooms in the house. Make your visits to these spaces one of enjoyment, relaxation, laughter, and not avoidance of the creeping chaos. Let our Professional Organizing team help you eliminate the clutter; create storage that can work for all family members, and spice up the surroundings to be homey and comfortable for you.