Our clients want exuberant health and wellness including permanent weight loss for the long haul. This requires more than just a weight loss program focused on “eat less; working out more” or “calories in; calories out”. Our unique metabolically designed, hormonally-sound and customized approach corrects underlying metabolic, hormonal and lifestyle issues that plague many who struggle with weight loss resistance.  Participants lose on average 12-15 lbs of fat a month on this program.

Our Weight Loss Program, designed with you in mind; including:

  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our clinical nutritionist  and the Metabolic Blueprint laboratory testing to determine how your metabolism and physiology are performing.
  • Including a comprehensive nutritional health history and results consult to develop your own unique metabolic and hormonal issues
  • May include nutritional supplements to accelerate fat burning and reduce cravings
  • Work with your very own health and lifestyle nutritionist bi-weekly to guide you through your weight loss journey
  • A meal plan made of primarily real whole foods to promote a change in your biochemistry to improve your metabolism – food is medicine
  • Prescribed supplement plan to correct underlying metabolic and hormonal imbalances without side-effects
  • A personalized exercise plan that will burn fat while super-charging your metabolism
  • Several options and meal plans including ready-to-eat meals all portioned and nutrient controlled for maximum weight loss and ease
  • Teaching organizational strategies to help you plan and execute your lifestyle changes your way
  • Personalized support at every step
  • Program lengths designed based on your weight loss goals
  • Skills to use for a lifetime

Whether you need to lose 10, 20, 40, 50 pounds or more, we have a weight loss program we can design just for you!

Why the Living Well Banish Body Fat Program?

Proven to work

Our Weight Loss Program is designed  by Betty Murray, Certified Nutritionist who created this nutritionally sound program, based on balancing your hormones to drive weight loss.  With the Metabolic Blueprint testing, your plan will be based on your bio-individuality.  We use laboratory testing to create your program based on your results.  If you have struggled with yo-yo dieting or weight loss resistance; it is not your fault. Your weight loss resistance may be due to an out of balance body: hormonal balance, metabolic imbalance, toxicity, and poor sleep to name a few.

Personal Weight Loss Service with Health Care Professionals

Unlike other weight loss programs, we address all mind, body, spirit aspects of wellness with credentialed professionals.  We have assembled professionals in the self-care fields of nutrition, counseling, coaching, energy psychology, massage, acupuncture, professional organizing and behavior change to create customized wellness plans just for you.

A Weight Loss Program Customized to you

Since we develop our program based on your laboratory test results, our  Nutritionists will create the right supplement, meal and lifestyle plans with you to give you long lasting results using real foods – not packaged processed foods.  So you learn how to eat for life.

Overcome the struggle with getting it all together

We also have Behavior and Organizational experts who will teach you how to address planning, organization, scheduling and lifestyle challenges that “sabotage your efforts”  We do this in a way that honors your learning, time and lifestyle.

Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

We have Licensed Professional Counselors and, Life Coaches and to help you see where you are standing in your own way and move past it.  You will learn tools that you can use in an instant to stop cravings and emotional triggers.  Love yourself healthy and naturally thin.

Learn to love exercise with a new view on movement

We have a several community partnerships with exercise experts that can help you create an exercise plan that you love – Are you done doing weights and cardio? Don’t think that hula hoops can be used for exercise? Would you love to find that dance and Zumba© can be your ticket to lean?  Any physical movement can be exercise!  You do not have to hate it for it to be good for you! Our experts can help you decide what exercise is right for you.

Long-term Weight Loss Program success

Our program is really a health-creating program to remove underlying conditions that contribute to your weight loss resistance.  Weight loss is a by-product of becoming healthy.  In addition to losing weight, you can expect other long-term benefits such as:

  • You can fix your metabolism and bodily imbalances, revving up your metabolism for greater efficiency.
  • You learn how to eat your food, not boxed foods.
  • You will learn how to cook, shop and prepare healthy meals in minutes.
  • You can learn tools, tips and tricks to help you diffuse anxiety and emotional triggers that may be sabotaging your efforts.
  • You can get organized and learn how to find the time to fit guilt-free self care into your life so you are able to maintain the balance needed to create lasting health.
  • You even learn ways to boost your self-confidence to use your voice and live outrageously self-confident without having to change who you are!

Chose your Own Weight Loss Program Support Structure!

Weight Loss Program – Self Directed

Do you have the where-with-all to do it all on your own?  If so, we can accommodate you.  You can start this program with your initial health consultation with your nutritionist to get on the program.  From this point forward, you can stay on the program until you reach your goal weight.  The first visit is only $200 for the evaluation, nutritional supplement plan and meal planning session with your nutritionist.  Supplements are sold separately and will be individualized to your unique needs.

Weight Loss Program – Individual Sessions

Start this program with a visit to our office for a comprehensive 2 hour evaluation and body composition analysis.  At this point nutritional lab tests will be ordered to evaluate your body’s metabolic function.  You will leave this visit with an initial plan to start your weight loss.  Approximately three weeks later, you will be scheduled a follow up visit to review your tests and individualize your plan to maximize your program and get your supplement prescription. From this point forward, you can stay on the program until you reach your goal weight.


After your initial visit, you will be scheduled for 2 half-hour visits a month to reevaluate your body composition and meet with your nutrition coach for low price of $399 for a 90-day program.


You can also join our unique Be Well Circle and receive addition support with Counselors, Life Coach or even get a massage to break tension and stress.


We offer the most cutting-edge weight loss techniques available at an affordable price.  We offer interest-free financing, as well, through CareCredit.

Our promise

We know that you will lose weight when you follow your customized plan. We will support you in your commitment and desire to achieve and maintain lasting weight loss, and improve over-all health.

How to Join

Don’t wait another minute to get started on your weight loss program call us now at 972-930-0260 or email info@livingwelldallas.com to schedule your health evaluation! Or click here to fill out an online appointment request and we will call you to set your appointment.

Have Questions?

Click here to check out our Weight Loss Program FAQs for answers!