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Weight Loss Program

Our clients want exuberant health and wellness including permanent weight loss for the long haul. This requires more than just a weight loss program focused on “eat less; working out more” or “calories in; calories out”. Our unique metabolically designed, hormonally-sound and approach corrects underlying metabolic, hormonal and lifestyle issues that plague many who struggle with weight loss resistance.  Participants lose on average 15-22 lbs of fat in the initial 5-weeks of the program

The Transformations 360 Weight Loss Program, designed with you in mind; includes:

  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our Health Coach
  • May include nutritional supplements to accelerate fat burning and reduce cravings
  • We have several support options to choose from to work with your very own health and lifestyle nutritionist as needed to be accountable and support you through the lifestyle change
  • A easy to follow with no guess work meal plan made of primarily real whole foods with supplemental protein snakcs to promote a change in your biochemistry to improve your metabolism – food is medicine
  • Teaching organizational strategies to help you plan and execute your lifestyle changes your way
  • Personalized support at every step
  • Program lengths designed based on your weight loss goals
  • Skills to use for a lifetime


It is the ONLY natural and completely safe method to literally melt your body fat without a single pill, unbearable hunger pangs, cravings, bad moods, low energy or drop of sweat!  This system will put your body into a mild state of ketosis by eating the right balance of protein and carbs. In fact, people will typically eat less protein than they normally do, but enough to not lose muscle mass (a key issue with weight loss is to protect your muscle mass; as muscle mass is your body’s calorie burning engine.)

Turn on your body’s own FAT-BURNING switch!

And the fat that’s STUCK — like the spare tire around your middle…weight loss program
and jiggly Jell-O in your upper arms —

Fat starts to melt away in just 3-4 DAYS!

You know those “skinny clothes” hanging in the back of your closet? Well, get ready to bypass them altogether…Because 40 days from now — when you’ve dropped as much as 22 pounds — you’re going to need even SMALLER sizes.

That is a bold claim, but after 15 years and hundreds of thousands of people world-wide on the transformation 360 program, we know it is very do-able, because the fact is, none of those fad diets or “magic” pills you hear so much about can match the effects of how your body can bio-chemically be set to naturally burn your excess body fat, especially your abdominal fat.

And now you can learn how to unleash it for yourself.

And the best part is there’s…

  • NO starving yourself — or living on bowls of mushy cereal or chalky “meal replacement” shakes
  • NO running yourself ragged like a hamster in a wheel
  • NO danger of unhealthy side effects

Take control of your weight for life! It’s called ketosis.

Not only does this system work — it works FAST!

Within days, you will lose inches from your waist, hips, and thighs. This precise plan dramatically re-shapes peoples’ bodies and completely dissolvs the extra pounds you have been carrying around.

This program has been put to the test time. A clinical study showed not only people can lose on average 27 pounds in a 10 week period but all of their key wellness markers like blood sugar, blood pressure, key lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides, and waist size will improve dramatically.

Here are REAL success stories by real people who have been on the program:

weight-loss-guideShed FAT — not water!

And the fat came off without you feeling deprived or ravenous…without you running ragged on a treadmill…and WITHOUT any dangerous — or even uncomfortable — side effects.

But, the program does not stop there…

It’s not just about losing weight…
Learn how to keep it off — FOR GOOD

As you know, just about anyone can lose weight (It’s keeping it offthat’s the real challenge).You will learn how to live a normal life, eat normal natural food AND keep the weight off. This is where most diet plans fail.

TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ Teaches Correct Food Habits

  • A complete checklist of the foods you should be eating for your best health (take it to the grocery store with you)
  • The only low-carb diet that is right for you…and why it won’t raise your cholesterol
  • The 7 foods you shouldn’t eat — EVER!
  • A list of the foods that may be contaminated by hidden, fat-spurring toxins
  • Carb-less sweet tooth solutions (and an amazing way to stamp out cravings)
  • The specific supplement regimen you need if you’re on a low-carb diet
  • Making the 20/80 flip and DiaSnacks that keep you on track.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a “magic pill”. The technique is a carefully designed,scientific program.

Don’t spend another second dieting, sweating, or wishing

If you’ve ever tried a fad diet, hoping that “this time will be different”…If you’ve ever spent hundreds of dollars to sweat buckets at a gym…If you’ve ever wished there was an easy, permanent solution to drop those extra pounds… Then you NEED this program.

Long-term Weight Loss Program success

Weight loss is a by-product of becoming healthy.  In addition to losing weight, you can expect other long-term benefits such as:

  • You can fix your metabolism and bodily imbalances, revving up your metabolism for greater efficiency.
  • You learn how to eat your food, not boxed foods.
  • You will learn how to cook, shop and prepare healthy meals in minutes.
  • You can learn tools, tips and tricks to help you diffuse anxiety and emotional triggers that may be sabotaging your efforts.
  • You can get organized and learn how to find the time to fit guilt-free self care into your life so you are able to maintain the balance needed to create lasting health.
  • You even learn ways to boost your self-confidence to use your voice and live outrageously self-confident without having to change who you are!

Chose your Own Weight Loss Program Support Structure!

Weight Loss Program – Self Directed

Do you have the where-with-all to do it all on your own?  If so, we can accommodate you.  You can start this program with our Transformations 360 Program with everything you need to do the first 5 week program on your own.  From this point forward, you can stay on the program until you reach your goal weight.

Weight Loss Program – Individual Sessions

Start this program with a visit to our office for a consult and body composition analysis.  You will leave this visit with an initial plan to start your weight loss.  Approximately three weeks later, you will be scheduled a follow up visit to review your current progress, evaluate your body composition and and individualize your plan to maximize your program. From this point forward, you can stay on the program until you reach your goal weight.


After your initial visit, you will be scheduled for 2 half-hour visits a month to reevaluate your body composition and meet with your health coach


We offer the most cutting-edge weight loss techniques available at an affordable price.  We offer interest-free financing, as well, through iCare .

Our promise

We know that you will lose weight when you follow your customized plan. We will support you in your commitment and desire to achieve and maintain lasting weight loss, and improve over-all health.

How to to Get Started

Don’t wait another minute to get started on your weight loss program call us now at 972-930-0260 or email info@livingwelldallas.com to schedule your health evaluation! Or click here to fill out an online appointment request and we will call you to set your appointment.

Have Questions?

Click here to check out our Weight Loss Program FAQs for answers!



Wellness Markers

Male, age 50
“I felt sluggish and couldn’t do the things I once did, in just 51 days with the TRANSFORMATIONS 360, I improved all my wellness markers, lost 22 inches and 31 lbs. and I feel great again. I am now empowered to maintain my new healthy lifestyle; the best news is, I am back playing golf & hitting the ball 20 yards longer.”
Female, age 64
“I had stopped playing with my Grandkids. I knew I had to do something about my weight and had tried many programs without success as I always put the weight back on and more. TRANSFORMATIONS 360 balanced my body chemistry; normalized unhealthy markers and the pounds came off and stayed off. Knowing my health markers and improving the un-healthy ones was key…I improved my Triglycerides score by 60.3% and I now see my Grandkids and once in a while can wear them out.”

Weight Loss

Male, age 60
“I had to go to pants with the expandable waist line and was unhappy with the fat that had built up over the past 10 years, I lost 12 inches on my waist and had the pleasure of buying smaller new belts. I am as active as I was 20 years ago & have great energy.”
Male, age 48
“Over the years my body had become pear-shaped and I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it. With TRANSFORMATIONS 360 I lost 32 inches and 27 lbs. in less than 80 days…all my health markers improved. I am not embarrassed to go outside & enjoy wearing the cloths from the skinny side of my closet.”

Elevated Blood Sugar

Female, age 60
“I had heard how serious Diabetes can be & knew I was headed in the wrong health direction. I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it; although my blood sugar was mild, but it was not as severe as my Triglycerides score was very high. In just 50 days on the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 I dropped my blood sugar 42% and my Triglycerides by almost 50%. I now know the correct food choices for me. I am in control and will never become pre-diabetic again.”
Male, age 36
“I had really let myself go after college days and found the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 System of measuring and marking my health score to be just the ticket for my goal setting motivational style. In less than 3 months I lost 40 lbs. improved all my markers and lost 15.25 inches. I am back at my college weight & beating the younger guys at the club in racket ball.”
Male, age 48
“As I grew older, I didn’t exercise as much and got into some bad food habits. I had gained 25 pounds and felt slugish. I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it. With TRANSFORMATIONS 360 I lost 32 inches and 27 pounds. I feel great and I am back exercising again and I took my fiance sailing and wasn’t embarrassed wearing my shorts.”

Nutritional Deficiencies

Female, age 59
“I have tried every possible weight program; pinpointing my issues with nutrition solved why I was unsuccessful before and I lost 30 lbs. in a couple of months. Realizing it was not my fault I couldn’t lose weight was a huge relief & motivated me to win my weight battle.”

Food Allergy Sensitivities

Male, age 47
“I knew I had bad food habits, but didn’t know I had food allergies and liver issues that were preventing me from losing weight. Once I figured it out; I lost almost 50 lbs. over a 4 month period. I am now less than 180 lbs. and I am rock climbing again.”
Female, age 60
“I felt like my life had slowed down to a crawl I had no energy. I was not aware I had problems with my Thyroid, plus I was pre-diabetic and didn’t know it. Once I got that in control my Cholesterol dropped 30% and Triglycerides 40%. My energy is back and I am enjoying going to my grandkids soccer games.”