WEIGHT LOSS FAQS (To read about our weight loss programs click here)

Do I have to enroll in a program or can I just make an appointment for my desired service?

At Living Well, we strive to meet our clients where they are at.  So, one person may be ready for big changes in their life such as embarking on a life mission change and weight loss program and another may want to receive a medical consultation about hormone balancing.  We can accommodate any vision or dream you may have around creating the healthy vibrant life you want.  Each program or consultation is designed just for you.  Give us a call and we can discuss your desires and how we can make them a reality.

Do you take insurance?

Our approach is designed to focus on your individual needs where we can take the time to know and understand your unique health and life needs.  We do not let third providers or managed-care determine what is best for your care.  We believe that is a decision best left to you and your health care team. Therefore, we do not accept insurance or managed care policies.  However, we will be happy to supply you with a receipt including codes for you to submit to your insurance.

iCare Medical Credit Financing can be used to finance all services interest-free for 12 months with no-credit checks. Just ask our office about the program.

Are your labs covered on any private insurance coverage?

We often use in-network labs such as Quest Laboratories and Labcorp. However, many of the laboratory tests used in Functional Medicine and Nutritional Counseling are provided by non-network labs and many insurance companies have low co-pays to cover your out of pocket costs.

Most of these labs will file with private PPO insurance companies directly. However, coverage varies by Insurance companies and the rates charged to the insurance company on behalf of the lab are retail rates which are significantly higher than the practitioner price we negotiate for our clients. We recommend that our client pay the lab charges in advance at our office and file the claim with the receipt including CPT Codes (lab test codes required by insurance companies) directly with their insurance company to receive reimbursement. This ensures that you pay the lowest price for the lab regardless of what your insurance company covers. We recommend that clients contact their insurance company for coverage information.


Lose-WeightWhat can you tell me about your meal plans?

The Metabolic Blueprint Loss Program meal plans are created just for you based on your bio-individuality.  We design each plan for you based on three key factors for healthy eating: balanced nutrients, food, variety and moderation.

All Living Well Weight Loss menus are:

Designed by Nutritionists skilled in the biochemistry of metabolism and crafted to address your unique genetic needs, our weight loss program offers 100% balance nutrition with food variety and moderation or portion. The meal plans are created to fix underlying issues such as high cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure to name a few.  Our focus is not just calories, but rather the right foods to enhance your fat-loss potential and reduce your health risk factors.

Your Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program meal plan gives you a safe way to practice your new healthy eating style. It shows you how to lose weight with real foods.

Once you’ve reached your natural healthy weight, your Living Well health care team will have helped you strengthen your shopping and food preparation skills, learned healthy cooking techniques and recipes, created schedules and plans to keep your lifestyle going. You do not graduate until you are ready – we offer customized maintenance plans that you can use as a touch base to keep you on track.

Do you have packaged food that we have to buy? 

By following the Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program, you will be using real foods – not packaged foods. During the program you’ll be practicing habits like portion control that are essential for healthy weight loss and successful weight management. As you learn strategies to manage social and emotional eating, you will be in more control around food. The ultimate goal of the Program is to give you tools to plan your own menus, so that you can learn to shop, cook and socialize with foods.

Are any vitamins or supplements required?

We know and studies have shown that it’s very difficult to get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need on a daily basis without some supplementation. Supplementation is a way to increase the effectiveness of regular treatments.  In our office, we use supplements to improve our client’s wellness outcome such as lowering cholesterol, improving metabolism and improving sleep.  We prefer to use natural supplements that work with the body on the underlying problem, rather than cover up the symptom.

Every body is different and what is a required recommended daily intake for one person is not the same as it is for someone else. We believe in “test, don’t guess”. Through our lab testing we will find out what nutrients you are deficient in and what nutrients you are getting plenty of. Supplements may be recommended to assist in improving your results.  We also offer clinical nutrition testing to determine what nutrients you may be deficient in.  These services can be added to your weight loss program on-top of the program.

Can I choose my own foods?

Our program teaches you how to use real food with easy to follow portion, food selections and recipe guidelines.

Can I eat out at restaurants while I’m on Transformations 360 Loss Program?

Yes, our eating guidelines give you the flexibility of being able to eat at a restaurant and the confidence to make healthy choices. Our Weight Loss guide actually has a section with your 10 rules to dining out that will take the guess work out of restaurant dining – short, sweet and to the point!

Will I have to give up alcohol?

For the first few weeks of your program, the program removes alcohol to help bring about hormonal balance – alcohol, espe3cially for women increases weight gain regardless of caloric restriction.  After achieving your weight loss goals, you will be able to reintegrate alcohol into your diet in moderation if you so choose.

Is the program a No-Carb Program?

No. While the media has focused a lot of attention on low-carb diets and low-carb products, the media also misrepresents a low-carb diet.  Removing a particular macro-nutrient like carbohydrates sets you up for long-term failure.  Remember fruits and non-starchy vegetables are carbohydrates too.  It is the processed foods, high starch foods that are the carbs to avoid – not the healthy vegetables and fruits. Even more importantly, your dietary recommendations are geared toward your ideal diet for your genetics – not a one-size-fits-all-diet.

But won’t I lose more weight faster with a low-fat diet?

Recent research has disproved the claim that weight loss is faster and greater on a low-fat diet. One clinical trial showed that while subjects lost weight initially on a low-fat diet, the amount of muscle loss after one year was greater to the group that followed the low-carb approach to weight loss. Restrictive diets, such as low-fat diets, can be difficult to follow for very long.

What kind of carbohydrates does the Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program include?

Many of our clients have found that they are sensitive to some foods like wheat or dairy.  So our meal plans are designed based on the individual and their unique needs.  Generally speaking, the Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program includes healthy whole foods in moderation. Most client’s meal plans include fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

Can I eat pasta on the Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program?

The Living Well Weight Loss Program starts with a cleansing and detoxification of your body which will rev up your metabolism and then a Ketogenic diet.  During that phase, you will not be eating pasta; however, after the reaching your goal weight, you will learn how to balance your food choices and use moderation. You may find that feeling lean is worth more than that bowl of gluten-free pasta! That way, you can continue to enjoy your own personal eating style. You can customize your meal plan to include some treats to keep you satisfied.

Can I have caffeinated beverages on the Program?

The Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program starts with a cleansing and detoxification of your body which will rev up your metabolism.  During that phase, you will not be drinking coffee or soda; however, you can substitute healthier green tea and herbal teas for your coffee ritual. Don’t’ worry, we will gradually cut your intake over the first week, to avoid caffeine-withdrawal related symptoms. Once on the Ketogenic diet, coffee is allowed.

Coffee in small amounts is not harmful; in larger amounts, it can be very damaging to your endocrine, liver and digestive system.  You may want to consider cutting back – especially if it interferes with your water intake.

What if I don’t care for fruits or vegetables?

We cannot lie to you.  Vegetables and fruits are the best way to get the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.  Lack of eating adequate fruits and vegetables can be a leading contributor to weight loss resistance which often means your are malnourished. Often, people’s experience of vegetables is the dead, canned variety with no flavor. We will show you how to make really tasty veggie dishes that will kick your taste buds up a notch! So, just like your grandma used to say: “Eat your Vegetables!”

Are your meal plans available online?

Yes, we have an online APP with recipes, reminders, and tracking to help with your program.  We work with you to create your customized meal plan. This gives you the choices and freedom to have foods that work with your body metabolism to get the most out of the weight loss strategies!

Can I cook for others on the Metabolic Blueprint Weight Loss Program?

If you regularly cook for yourself or others, you’ll find our recipes easy to follow and quick to make.