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Top 7 Antiaging Biohacks

Aging gracefully is all about mastering the right strategies, and this episode delivers the essential biohacks to enhance your well-being during menopause. From managing stress to optimizing diet and exercise, I get deep into the science-backed techniques that can help you turn back the clock. 

Tune in as I tackle inflammation, stress, and hormonal imbalances, revealing the secrets to feeling your best. Discover how stress management techniques, natural sunlight, and circadian rhythm training can transform your daily routine. Plus, I uncover the magic of supplements like quercetin, fisetin, and resveratrol in combating those troublesome “zombie cells.”

Diet and lifestyle are key players in this game, so I also discuss the Mediterranean diet’s anti-inflammatory properties, the benefits of intermittent fasting, and the role of collagen and antioxidants, and highlight the importance of exercise in maintaining muscle mass and bone health. Learn how hormone replacement therapy can mitigate age-related risks, helping you maintain a youthful vibrance. Each of these tips is designed to be practical, affordable, and life-changing.

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Key Takeaways:

[06:38] Biohacker combines various supplements for group effect.

[12:07] Hormone replacement therapy is protective, not harmful.

[21:30] Insulin resistance leads to weight gain, challenges in menopause.

[23:17] Intermittent fasting improves insulin sensitivity in women.

[32:42] Avoid antidepressants causing weight gain, seek hormone replacement.

[38:01] Effective muscle building through proper weight training.

[42:17] Weighted vests help build muscle and bone.

[44:22] Foods and supplements reduce senescent cells’ activity.

[53:20] Benefits of intermittent fasting for metabolic improvement.

[55:40] Skincare products with collagen, oral peptides benefits.

[59:54] Pair things together for best anti-aging results.


Memorable Quotes:

“The solution is addressing that insulin resistance. Personally, I love using time-restricted eating or time-restricted food consumption, or intermittent fasting to do this. These practices actually improve insulin sensitivity and metabolic health through a couple different ways..”  – Betty Murray

“That’s the cool thing about the idea of biohacking, is we’re using things together that often have synergy. That means that amplifies the final result. So our goal is, from an anti-aging standpoint, is to slow the aging process, reduce the risk for all-cause mortality and diseases of aging and age-related decline by addressing multiple aspects of those different things.” – Betty Murray


Links Mentioned:

FREE E-book “A Woman’s Guide to Kick-Ass Sleep”: https://bit.ly/4cblYcT

Blood Sugar Mastery: https://metabolicblueprint.com/product/blood-sugar-mastery/

Estrobalance Mastery: https://metabolicblueprint.com/product/estro-balance-mastery/


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