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The Hidden Steps for Successful Fasting with Dr. Tabatha Barber

Fasting has become a buzzword in health circles, but what if it could genuinely transform your life? Dr. Tabatha Barber shares her eye-opening journey from battling chronic health issues and sugar addiction to discovering the healing power of fasting. Get ready to uncover how the food industry influences our eating habits and the remarkable benefits of fasting, including improved mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical health; and learn how understanding your body’s needs can lead to lasting health changes.

Dr. Tabatha doesn’t just talk about fasting; she lives it and encourages others to ‘faith it’ through this lifestyle change. This episode highlights the often overlooked pitfalls of the standard American diet and offers practical steps to successfully incorporate fasting into your routine. Whether you’re new to fasting or looking to deepen your practice, our discussion will empower you to challenge conventional dietary advice and reclaim your health and happiness.

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Key Takeaways:

[05:43] Value the present moment and your beauty.

[10:38] Chronic health issues lead to a back injury.

[15:18] Sugar consumption increased dramatically over the years.

[18:57] Insulin stores sugar as fat, affecting weight.

[21:14] Maintain metabolic flexibility to burn fat efficiently.

[24:13] Fasting supports autophagy, resilience, and cellular healing.

[28:48] Frustration with the medical system leads to faith.

[31:39] Journaling helps retrain the brain and gratitude.

[36:41] Midlife crisis for women leads to purpose.

[41:46] Eat clean, consider fasting, and carb cycle.

[43:26] Health is essential for a fulfilling life.


Memorable Quotes:

“Fasting is actually one of the most powerful ways that we can heal our bodies, and our body knows that, but our brain doesn’t know that. We’re trained to think that we should eat all the time and eating is what heals us. Eating is what nourishes us. But honestly, I don’t think a lot of women realize it actually requires energy to eat and digest and break down food.” – Dr. Tabatha Barber

“Once you hit menopause, it goes downhill a lot quicker. You know, like you said, the aging process, especially if you’re not on hormone replacement therapy, the disease processes start to set in. But fasting is something that really you can utilize to slow those processes down and even reverse diabetes, reverse autoimmune conditions, because you’re healing your gut, you’re healing your entire body.”  – Dr. Tabatha Barber


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FREE E-book “A Woman’s Guide to Kick-Ass Sleep”: https://bit.ly/4cblYcT

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