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Are you STUCK in a moment?

Then, get yourself together in a way that makes sense for you, your lifestyle, your goals.

Sometimes, we know what we should do but this knowledge NEVER equates to change. There’s just more to it; we’re more complex as human beings. I decided to share one of my recent personal experiences so you understand as a healthcare provider I’m human too and also on a journey of pursuing optimum well-being, self-acceptance and growth.  I’m hoping to help people who are stuck right now in some way in their lives to move forward and get the guidance and plan that they may need. I have two chronic conditions, one called Endometriosis and another one called Celiac Disease; they are “friends” in many ladies.  The Endometriosis causes for me pain pretty much everyday except about four days a month and it’s been that way on and off since I was twelve years old.  It wasn’t until I heard the words from one of my doctors, “possible cancerous growth” at the end of January that my intellectual brain and my emotional brain matched up in alignment with what needed to happen, another surgery.  I’m happy to report I’m cancer free and right now, for hopefully for another six months or more, virtually pain free (or at least compared to the state I was living in previously).  Looking back over the past 7 or so years since my last surgery I can see the pattern of small peaks, valleys, medium peaks, medium valleys, and the very dark valleys. I’m not sure how to convey the dark moments of physical pain that cause emotional pain except that they aren’t especially fun even when you’re working hard to do everything to keep the pain at bay, implementing every tool, technique, oil, supplement, dietary change, medication, affirmation…but you have to end up using prescribed pain meds and about 9-12 Ibruprofen against medical consult to just survive.  So, I sit in a place today of asking myself: “Why did I resist this surgery for so long?” “Why did I think work was more important than my own health?” “How did I work in consistent pain for 10-14 hour days; what was I telling myself?” “What worked in my pain management plan?” “What techniques do I want to keep? What do I need to let go?” “Who needs to be on my Medical-Wellness Advisory Board now to keep me in check with my goals, boundaries and my bloodwork?” There’s more questions that I roll around in my noggin as I’m a question girl but it made me think…how many of you are sitting there in your uncomfortable-ness, pain, depression, anxiety, lack of passion, un-motivation, stuck-ness that you just might need a healthy “kick in the pants” of a plan, LOVE, and support like I did? Thank God, I work with the team I work with.  My work family supported me all along the way in the joys that show up, successes that show up and even in the dark valley of sucking the joy right of your being.  I’m grateful. I’m bubbled over a big joy moment actually this Tuesday when I walked into the reception and there were four friends/clients who were smiling, hugging, giggling as we made our rounds with each other. One of the ladies said, “This is why I love coming here – to get loved on! It’s like a family here.”   A warm moment of joy slipped through and bathed my being; there’s one of my big motivating WHY moments when I hear those words.

There’s huge healing in all forms taking place behind the walls of Living Well and then like a moving force back into the world into their circles.

So, now about you. What questions roll around in your noggin that might lead you to believe it’s time to take care of yourself in a different way to reach your health/medical/wellness goals?

You absolutely don’t have to do this journey alone and learn from my stubbornness; DON’T wait when your intuition is telling you otherwise!

So, I reassure you; when you’re ready. It’s your TIME.

Make it a Beautiful Day!

Get your MOJO back!

Get your health going in a new direction!

Free your mind of what doesn’t serve you anymore!

Feel hopeful!

Be zesty, passionate and FULL!


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