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What is a BEMER, and why should you care?

BEMER is not for people who only want to take a pill. The BEMER  is for people who want to take personal responsibility of their own and their family’s health.  The BEMER belongs in every home! That is why you come to Living Well in the first place.  And that is why BEMER fits in so well with the Living Well philosophy.

This is why BEMER should pique your interest:
*   For relief of longstanding or recent aches and discomforts.
*   For increasing your energy levels so you can actually enjoy life.
*   For helping your nervous system enter a peaceful state.
*   For helping with mental clarity.
*   For helping you finally get a good nights’ rest.
*   For nutrient absorption.
*   For detoxification of the cells.
*   For general blood flow and circulation, carrying oxygen and nutrients into the cells.
*   For toxin and waste disposal while assisting your liver and kidneys through increased circulation.
*   For cardiovascular health via vasodilation and vasomotion (oscilliation of the blood vessel walls which no other technology can instigate)
*   For animals too.  Even horses, and wounded elephants in Thailand.
*   For helping you get back into those sports and activities again with increased stamina and quick recovery.
*   For those people who are serious about rebuilding and maintaining health through an oxygenating biomedical device.
*   It only takes 8 minutes.
*   It will open up your  entire 75,000 mile micro vessel system bringing oxygen and nutrients into your one trillion cells.
*   It will last for 12-18 hours of increased blood flow coursing throughout your body. (This is what makes BEMER a disruptive technology.)
*   It is like getting a 12-18 hour vascular massage from the inside out.  (improved circulation is the principle benefit of massage therapy)
*   NASA has asked BEMER to help design suits with the BEMER technology integrated into the spacesuits for the health of the astronauts on missions because it surpassed any of the PEMF technology their engineers could design or find.  And they are among the best in the world.

We especially appreciate open-minded skeptics! Come in and meet us!  Try a free session at your next visit to Living Well Dallas.   

And try a monthly membership for $150. This will give you a real chance to put BEMER through your own trial.  Jim and Katherine are Independent BEMER distributors who can help you get a BEMER for you and your family.  We foresee the day when BEMER will be in every home.   

For more info on BEMER, visit:

Schedule your sessions with Living Well Dallas at or

via phone at 972-930-0260.

COST:  Single Session $35/ Monthly membership $150

Add-on to any Living Well Dallas service:  $20

BEMER Hours at Living Well Dallas:

  • Monday 3:00 to 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:00am to 2:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am to 2:00pm
  • Thursday 3:00 to 6:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm

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