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A different approach to treating chronic conditions

There are many people living with chronic conditions. However, the conventional approach often fails to provide pleasing results. Usually, the symptoms of chronic conditions are treated to help people manage the discomfort. But, the root cause is often not addressed. Hence, these conditions stay a chronic issue and people become reliant on medications to ease the pain.

It’s not a healthy cycle. The good news is, in functional medicine, the approach is different. Time is taken to identify what is causing the imbalance. It’s not guess work. There are various tests that can be used to figure out what is ailing a person and then a plan can be implemented. By identifying the cause, a functional medicine practitioner can treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. This approach is designed to help people find relief instead of simply relying on prescription medication.

At Living Wells Dallas, there are many opportunities available for patients to not only boost overall health, but to treat chronic conditions. Conditions such as mood disorders, chronic pain, energy and stress issues, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances and more. The mind and body can be treated here to help a person feel better overall and address any issues. Stress issues can be identified, a healthy diet can be recommended, an exercise plan may be advised, etc. Every piece can be worked through to help people live healthier, fuller lives.

The idea with functional medicine is to provide each patient with enough time and resources to identify what is going on. It’s an approach that allows the provider to figure out what is beyond the symptoms and address the cause.

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