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Eating healthier leads to a healthier weight

Deciding you want to get into better shape is a personal decision. Deciding that it comes with losing weight is a highly personal decision. It’s one that you can try over and over and over again with the latest fad diets or something mailed to you on a regular basis, but then … there’s that great pizza place down the corner that makes slices just the way you want, and you fall into the same trap again.

We get it! Looking in the mirror and saying ‘I want to change how I look’ is an emotional moment. And that’s why we focus on making it about healthy eating, not about losing weight. We want to make it about your personal journey and more than just numbers on a scale. Because healthy eating can lead to improved personal health on multiple levels — more energy and less fatigue, more happiness and less moodiness. The feeling that you can walk or jog as you used to years ago without breathing heavily. That’s what this journey is about.

How We Do It

You can love your body again, and we want to help you on your journey. At Living Well Dallas, we take a unique functional medicine-based approach that helps correct underlying metabolic, hormonal and lifestyle issues. We have found that participants lose on average of anywhere between 12 and 22 pounds of fat in the initial six weeks of the program by focusing on the following:

  • A comprehensive genetic test to determine your exact nutritional lifestyle and exercise needs to create lasting weight loss
  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our functional medicine Certified Health Coach
  • A monthly program with ongoing support with your health coach to assist you in making lasting changes, meal plans and accountability
  • An easy to follow with no guesswork meal plan made of primarily real whole foods to promote a change in your biochemistry to improve your metabolism – food is medicine
  • Teaching organizational strategies to help you plan and execute your lifestyle changes your way

By making sure you have personalized support at every step, we can determine the length of the program needed based on your goals … and give you skills that you can use for a lifetime.

A benchmark of our programs is focusing on your metabolic blueprint. By focusing on that, we kickstart your genetics and help you burn fat at a high rate without worrying about diets that cause cravings or bad moods. When you focus on a personalized program, your ability to focus on healthy eating can increase your metabolic output, setting you down the path to overall better health.

We focus on facts and science, so when we saw that a clinical study showed people can lose more weight on a genetically-based diet and in doing so, all of their key wellness markers improved dramatically, we knew that was going to be our focus when working with clients as well.

Success that Lasts a Lifetime

We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? You start a new diet and things are going great for a month or two, then progress slows down and you get frustrated and all of sudden, the numbers on that scale you look at a bit too often start increasing.

That’s why we focus not on the numbers, but instead on a holistic approach to your healthy eating lifestyle. That way it’s more than just the size that you wear. It’s being able to continue improving your metabolism and making your body more efficient at burning fuel. We help you learn how to cook great food rather than microwave something out of the freezer. How you look will be different not only because of your weight but because of the emotional weight you won’t carry any longer. No more living with guilt — this is a whole body and mind transformation.

How It Works

We start each program with an in-office visit for a full consultation, including genetic testing and body composition analysis. One to three weeks later, you attend a follow-up visit to review your genetic tests and current progress, then you receive an individualized genetic diet and exercise plan to maximize your program.

From that point forward, you have bi-weekly visits with your health coach in person or via phone or video conference to assist you with the program until you reach your goal weight. We are able to offer the most cutting-edge weight loss techniques available at an affordable price.

Don’t throw away your skinny jeans or those dresses you haven’t worn for years hanging in the closet — actually, send them to get dry cleaned because you’ll be wearing them again sooner than you may realize. Don’t wait another minute to get started — call us now at 972-930-0260 or email to schedule your health evaluation. You can also visit to fill out an online appointment request and we will call you to schedule your appointment.

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