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Energy medicine can help get you back on track

Doctors can’t fix everything. This, we all know. But there are some things that you don’t want to go to a doctor for. If your symptoms are a combination of the mental and physical, you’ll probably benefit more from an alternative therapy than you would by popping a prescription pill or taking an over-the-counter medication throughout the day.

That said, you still want to try something different to feel better. There is a level of discomfort that you do not want to continue dealing with. To be able to feel better with a course of treatment that some would say is unique and non-traditional is one way of going about it, and that is not a bad thing at all. It shows that you are willing to go out of the straight and narrow lane of medicine and embrace alternatives that will be able to get you feeling at your highest levels without any side effects that traditional medicine sometimes makes you feel.

That is why you are willing to give energy medicine a try. But while you are intrigued by it, you may not be completely informed and want to know more. Well, it’s a good thing we are here for you to give you some answers.

What is frequency therapy?

Every disease that attacks your body has a frequency, and frequency therapy provides a way for people who have chronic conditions to heal. Because healthy tissues conduct pulses differently than unhealthy ones, a biofeedback machine can measure your body’s frequencies and give us feedback for what specifically is causing your symptoms so that we can then set course for a better way to have pain and stress reduction through the use of electronic stimulation.

During frequency therapy, frequencies are simultaneously applied on two channels so they intersect or cross in the area being treated. In order to be effective, both frequencies need to accurately reflect the condition causing you irritation or pain. The treatment also pinpoints the specific tissues that are causing you problems.

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