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Feel more confidence and change your perspective

Being able to look in the mirror, say ‘I need a change’ and then make yourself into your best self can be hard. That’s why one of our upcoming sessions with Amanda, Heal Yourself: The Power of Changing Perspective, is so vital for women.

The workshop is open to the public but for women only, as part of the program for American Business Women of America. Amanda will be working with each attendee to change their perspective on life by mixing up their routine and getting into an active life rather than living on autopilot. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques will also be demonstrated.

Yes, we will help to make sure that you can balance stress, life, work and family. It puts yourself first, and makes sure that you have the ability to handle everyday life better than ever before. We work with you to make sure that when you sit at home and try to process your day, you are able to do it in a logical fashion rather than feel like you’re losing control. We know that stress can lead to other illnesses or even diseases, and working to lessen stress is vital to overall health. Instead of feeling programmed to believe certain thoughts, we’ll work to make sure that you have the confidence to not follow the crowd if you don’t feel it is the right path for you. We’ll work to change your thought process to become more positive and proactive.

The program is from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 13 and is one of the many available programs and vital services for you at Living Well Dallas, whether for your ongoing care or individual services. Either call us at 972-930-0260 or email us at info@livingwelldallas.com and let us help you figure out how to get started Living Well again.

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