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Get a boost from an IV drip

Man, life can be a drag. You get the optimum amount of sleep, but still feel fatigued quite easily. You drink the right mix of water, green smoothies and the occasional cup of coffee, but the headaches that come and go can slow you down at a moment’s notice. And the multivitamin just isn’t giving you the energy that you need to stay in balance nutritionally.

That’s where our options of IV treatment come in to save the day. The nutrients from each of our treatments are absorbed right into your blood stream for maximum effectiveness, and our nurses will be able to sit and walk you through all the beneficial reasons for IV treatment as you feel better by the second. Some of our options include;

• LiquiVida, a combination of different vitamins, minerals and amino acids to leave you hydrated and with a great boost of energy thanks to a replenishing of your B vitamins.

• Liquilift, a “Mac Daddy drip” which improves your long-term health with B vitamins for energy but also a valuable 25 grams of Vitamin C and 2000 mg of glutathione.

• Need some skin help? The Fountain of Youth “Beauty Treatment” replenishes you and is great for anti-aging cellular repair to detoxify your liver, brighten and lighten your skin and leaves you with healthier feeling hair and nails.

• The “Hangover” drip is great even if you haven’t had a few drinks the night before! With a liter full of zinc and selenium, you’ll walk out hydrated and energetic with no headache, fatigue of exhaustion.

• A gluthatione drip can empower cells to slow down aging and produce a healthier, brighter skin glow.

For more information or to set up appointments, give us a call today at 972-930-0260. We’re ready to help you live your best life with a boost from our great IV options that will get you ready to take on the world’s challenges like never before.


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