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You’ve been to our facility and enjoyed the services that we have to offer. Living Well Dallas is invested in making your life better and more fulfilling, and by doing this we feel that we contribute to our greater Dallas society in making the place we call home an even greater one.

That is why we want to reach out to the community even more and spread the word about our varied expertise and touch your lives in more positive, enriching ways. Our team of experts offers any local business or non-profit organization the chance to talk about many great topics, and are available for booking now. We can speak on a number of issues today, including the following topics from our experts:

Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP, is the CEO and founder of Living Well Dallas. She can talk about how to master your sleep and feel more refreshed each morning when you wake up, and also about gluten, leaky gut and autoimmunity issues that come with your diet.

Nancy Scheinost, MD, IFMCP, can discuss topics such as the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy, and why women get autoimmunity 10 times more than men.

Gabrielle Grandell, BSc, FMCHC, CLT, NBC-HWC, can inform you and your team about quality over quantity in both food and life, and how to eat a rainbow of colorful foods to boost you and your family’s nutrition.

Celia Naples, CHC, specializes in talking about how to eliminate sugar from your diet and the steps that you can take to turn negative habits into positive ones so you have a more fulfilling and healthier life.

Brenda Briscoe, LMT, is knowledgeable about how Bowen Therapy and therapeutic devices help with pain relief, as well as with afflictions such as migraines and Alzheimer’s disease.

Jim Kearney, LMT, speaks about energy enhancement and BioEnergy devices for comfort, aches and stress relief.

Call our main office today at 972-930-0260 or visit to learn even more about any of our services. Whether we set you on the road to greater health and nutrition, or we help promote your emotional and mental well-being, we can help you figure out how to get started Living Well again.

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