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Is it time to get your hormones under control?

Do you have some days where you’re just fed up and have a hard time coping? Are you stressed out when it comes to work, family and friends?

While everyone has issues and problems they must deal with them daily in their own way. But have you ever thought there may be another reason for having such a difficult time with just about everything? It may be your hormones.

If your hormones are out of whack it could throw off your entire system. What exactly are hormones? According to the website WebMD: “Hormones are substances produced by your endocrine glands that have a tremendous effect on bodily processes. They affect growth and development, mood, sexual function, reproduction, and metabolism.”

So, if your hormones aren’t acting correctly or perhaps you are pre-menopausal, reached menopause or are post-menopausal, it could be why things are not as they should be.

You can learn more about hormones by watching “Healthy Hormones,” on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. on Facebook Live. Join National Board and Functional Medicine Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach Gabrielle Grandell, FMCHC,CLT,NBC-HWC of Living Well Dallas to learn more about how to keep your hormones healthy.

Hormones are the most potent chemical messengers in our bodies. Think of them like the Wi-Fi connection, the ‘send’ button, the ON/ OFF switch. They perform essential functions; relay important warnings and they assure that everything is running smoothly and that your rhythms stay in sync. Many things can lead to imbalances in your hormone levels or function.

The longer a system is “out of order” the more difficult it can be to bring it back into harmony. Join Gabrielle and learn more and feel better!


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