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Learn more about hormones

The occasional afternoon nap on the weekend is fine for restoration, but what about when you’re falling asleep right after dinner each night? Or if you’re working out regularly but not seeing the muscle gains that you’ve been striving for?

Hormone therapy can help, among other things, burn fat, improve sleep and decrease fatigue. But there is so much information and disinformation online about what hormone therapy is and how it can be used effectively. That’s why we have a special session at 10 a.m. on June 29 led by Nancy Scheinost, MD. “Is Hormone Therapy Right for You?” will have limited space available, so be sure to sign up soon.

There are so many types of hormone therapy for both men and women. There are also risks to hormone therapy dependent upon a recipient’s age and medical history including heart disease, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer. Nancy can help make sense of all the medical jargon that normal people will find confusing, and give you clear, concise, expert advice to each of your questions. Men and women will often be told that “you’re getting older” is why they feel fatigue, decreased sex drive, weight gain and so many other things. But in reality, hormone therapy can help reverse those aging effects and make them feel young again.

Having the right information that can help you decide if hormone therapy is the right decision is one of the many things that make Living Well Dallas the most comprehensive, integrative medicine center in Texas. With all our services, we strive to personalize them to your needs to bring balance back to your body and your mind. Find out about hormone therapy and all the ways we can make a difference in your life by calling 972-930-0260 or email info@livingwelldallas.com.

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