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Live your best life

Your to-do list at work is getting longer, no matter what you do. Your stress levels are through the roof; there’s almost no such thing as a resting heart beat at your desk, there are so many tasks to get completed.

Then you hit traffic on the way home. And all you want to do is pull into the driveway to kick your feet up, but instead you are delayed because of construction and a logjam. The last thing you want to hear is honking horns and yet, that’s all you hear.

Finally — deep breaths — you’re home. But then there’s dinner, and the kids have their homework and are fighting. Before you know it, the clock reads 11 p.m. and you haven’t watched your favorite TV show, but it’s time to go to sleep because if you don’t, God only knows the stress that tomorrow will bring with a shortened night’s sleep.

What you need is to get yourself centered mentally. Things feel disorganized and out of control, and all you want is a plan and belief that things will be changed and set on the right path. That’s where we can help. Eighty-seven percent of doctor visits can involve stress-related symptoms, and frankly, doctors can’t do a whole lot to reduce that stress.

That’s where we can help. At Living Well Dallas, our life coaches help you find more time for your priorities. We can work with you on an individual basis, or if your issues are bigger, we have couples’ therapy. Add to that our energy medicine techniques that give powerful help in reacting to stress.

To get your life in harmony, talk to us. We can meet with you and map a plan to a better life.

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