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Optimize your brain’s functionality

Maybe you feel like you’re dragging at work. The tasks that you believe would take an hour takes 90 minutes. Maybe a bit woozy when getting up from a chair too fast? Or you’re at trivia night with your friends at the neighborhood bar, and they have all the answers, and in the back of your mind you think to yourself “I know the answer too. Why isn’t it coming to me faster?”43338420_M

Those moments where you’re not moving as fast as you feel you should lead to self-doubt and frustration. Self-doubt that you’re declining mentally. Frustration that the easy things aren’t as easy as they used to be. Those are the moments that are the worst. But how would you know if your brain isn’t functioning at its best? It’s not like you have a battery sensor on it to let you know.

But now there is also help. We can work to make you feel untouchable, back on your ‘A’ game. You’ll feel in the zone, clear of thought and mind and back to your best self.

That’s where we can come in. Here at Living Well Dallas, we’ve started working with a new addition to our business: NeurOptimal, which knocks down roadblocks in your head and gives you the ability to be your best self.

What is it? No matter the person, every brain has its best self, where function and cognitive abilities are smooth and powerful. Given the information on how to best function, your brain is able to make you see things clearer as an athlete, or operate even under stress of a relationship struggle or an overwhelming amount of work in your office. If you want personal enhancement — or even spiritual enhancement — the edge that NeurOptimal can give you is the final push to the finish line. Each time you have a NeurOptimal session, your brain receives information about what it has just done in microseconds, feedback that works with you no matter where you are. There is no need to have a preliminary evaluation, and there is no such thing as overtraining. NeurOptimal is safe and effective.

How does it work? Sit back and relax while listening to some music, for starters. During a NeurOptimal session, you wear ear clips and two small sensors on the sides of your head. Those sensors are used to pick up on delicate electrical activities that are in your brain. NeurOptimal then rapidly processes your brain signals, and you’ll notice feedback whenever the music stops — which is because it has noticed some brain signals moving into an “instability.” Now, this is not cause for alarm. Consciously, it has no meaning for us and often can go unnoticed. But during the NeurOptimal sessions, it tracks the mathematics behind the timing of any pauses in activity. Should there be any instabilities, the brain is trained to adjust. Think of it this way: You’re walking along a hiking path, trying not to fall down the side of a cliff. If you were walking in the dark, you’d be stumbling around, possibly ready to fall. But when you walk with a flashlight at night, you’ll see the edge perfectly and adjust your walking pattern. That’s because the brain has been trained to notice subtle information and processing it quickly. Similar to that, Neuroptimal presents information to the brain and lets the brain do the rest by processing the best information.

Do the results last? It’s like riding a bike. Even if you haven’t done it in a long time, you’ll be riding in no time. Once you have done a series of NeurOptimal sessions, you’ve ridden a bike. And if you put it away for a while before picking it back up, you’ll be right back in the swing of things in just a few sessions. You also can stop at any time if you feel the sessions have brought you the success you desired.

Is it safe? Trust us, and our track record in caring about an individual’s self-being. When you listen to a NeurOptimal session, you hear some brief micro-pauses in the sound, as we previously mentioned. But that’s because as part of the session, NeurOptimal does not train states of consciousness; instead, it leaves the process up to your brain to use the information it receives, or not. With over three million hours of safe usage under our belts worldwide, we are extraordinarily safe.

There’s little to lose and possibly much to gain, so join us now for a NeurOptimal session and see how it can unlock your brain’s potential. The cost of a 45-minute session is $125, or you can get 10 sessions for $100. For more information, go to https://neuroptimal.com/ to see how NeurOptimal feedback can be beneficial to your overall well-being, then call and speak with Brenda Briscoe at Living Well Dallas.



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