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Relax and take care of your chronic pain

One of the passion projects we have at Living Well Dallas is finding out the causes of your health concerns and getting to the root of it, then fixing those issues and setting you off with an increased peace of mind rather than just having a quick fix to cover up the symptoms.

We have three Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners as part of our practice: Betty Murray, M.S., C.N., and Nancy Scheinost, M.D. Gwen Shipe, M.D. is a candidate for certification later this year. Their mission is part of our broader one: Bring healing to those with chronic pain so they can live a full life.

We use a combination of non-invasive treatments that can alleviate chronic pain;

Bowen Therapy: This consists of slow, rolling skin movements which bring the mind and body into deep rest and relaxation. When the body is stuck in a pain cycle, Bowen work tells the brain it no longer needs to continue emitting pain messages but can relax and allow for healing.

LED Light Therapy: This provides gentle, non-coherent light to create an environment in which change may occur rapidly. The equipment is cleared by the FDA for increasing blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as decreasing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Brain Tap: This uses frequencies of light and sound for brain wave entrainment, as well as meditative language. It works to relax, reboot and strengthen your brain.

Each of these services is part of our broader mission at Living Well Dallas to provide a whole-life service that includes functional medicine, lifestyle medicine and mind-body medicine that you need to live your best life. Between medical diagnostic testing and treatment to bio-individualized treatments, we also have life and health coaching and anything else needed to help you reach maximum health and wellness, then maintain it. Find out more by calling us today at 972-930-0260 or reach out on any of our social media channels to learn more.

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