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Quantum Physics and Bowen Therapy Sessions: Does Distance Healing Work?

Have you been missing your Bowen Therapy sessions simply because that it is not allowed during these Corona times? What if there was a way to receive the same great benefits that you are used to enjoying? What if I told you that you do not have to be there PHYSICALLY to receive the Bowen treatment?

Far-fetched? Well, there’s excellent news if you are open to new ideas. In fact, for some who are already into distance work, this is nothing new at all. But for others, it will perhaps be information that will need to be digested for a while before assimilating into your acceptance.

Distance Healing: How Does it Work?

I can vouch for distance bodywork because long ago when I first began my Bowen practice, a bodyworker friend who lived in another city, asked me if I would do a session on her from my own table where I lived, as she had pulled a hamstring and could hardly walk. At first, it gave me a good laugh. However, as she explained more about it, I reluctantly complied just to humor her. I thought, “What do I have to lose but time, and that’s what I have right now. If it works, I will have learned something. If not, at least I tried.” So, we commenced to do the work right then, and there, she on her table and myself in my own Bowen treatment room with two pillows under a sheet on the massage table to help me imagine her there.

Once I finished, I called my friend to see what she had experienced, if anything. Much to my amazement and pleasure, she had a remarkable story to tell. As the hour had gone by, she could feel tingling in her low back and leg. She felt her body move as if it adjusted itself on the bodywork table. She was aware of “buzzing” sensations, and then her entire body seemed to relax and melt right into the table.

When she received my call at the end of our virtual session, she said that was perfect timing and that she had just sensed the session being over. Now she was able to get off the table and walk normally.

If It’s Not Hands-On Is It Bowen Therapy?

Not everyone will be this intuitive to know when the session is over. But everyone I work on in this way DOES sense some kind of shift during their allotted session time. Bowen Therapy sessions have an energetic component to it and are very adaptable to remote work. This is not something that is taught within this discipline. And some, including Bowen practitioners, would argue that if it is not actually “hands-on,” it is NOT Bowen Therapy. That is fine, indeed. It does not need to be named. I just refer to it as distance healing or transferring energy.

Quantum Physics and Bowen Therapy

The idea of Quantum Physics and Bowen Therapy is changing the practice of medicine and our understanding of the human body. Many times, though, we reject the unfamiliar out of fear, which may cause us to miss some powerful truths. What if there were a map to finding a new level of living a life full of peace and joy, as well as the possibility of changing your life and the world around you. If this describes your desire, check out a book called “A Believer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction” by Robin Braun.

Distance Healing: Helping People in Pain Get Back to Their Normal Lives

Since our “shelter in place” mandate began in March, my hands-on practice as I knew it totally died. That meant no income for me. Then I remembered that instance almost 20 years ago when my friend asked me to work on her remotely. I wondered, “Could that be consistent and be a dependable new way for me to work on my clients?” It was worth finding out – not only for a way to replace my hands-on income but mostly because I was missing the fulfillment of helping people in pain get back to their normal lives.

I began to test it out with a few close friends who were hurting. In exchange for a written testimonial, I would give them a full remote healing session. The health challenges presented to me ranged from chronic pain in the lower back, hip, and leg pain to upper back, head, shoulder and neck pain, as well as a very interesting “vibrating sensation” in one’s upper leg as if their cell phone was buzzing in their pocket. Without going into the details of the testimonials, all of these issues either diminished or totally resolved with only one session.

I am very excited to explore this healing process and would love to help you return to joy and your normal, pain-free life. To book your distance healing session for pain relief or simply body balancing, call 972-930-0260.

Remote Healing Testimonials of Brenda’s Work

“I have known and worked with Brenda Briscoe for several years and have always gotten so much from her Bowen treatments. But I was amazed by how much physical pain relief I experienced from a remote session with her! I felt deep relaxation and actually slept while she was working on me remotely. The results were nearly immediate, but as time went on the first day, I felt better, and the following day the results were even more pronounced! I encourage anyone curious about the Tom Bowen technique to consider Brenda. She is excellent!”

– Mary Ellen D., McKinney, TX

“I am amazed! After having a successful treatment with Brenda Briscoe that resolved my lower back pain resulting from an accident on New Year’s Eve, a few weeks later, I started experiencing a continuous buzzing – three seconds buzzing, three seconds not – in my left hamstring.

After Covid-19 restrictions, Brenda performed a remote Bowen therapy session. The buzzing decreased in frequency and intensity immediately after the therapy that day. Three days later, the buzzing had ceased! I am very pleased with the Bowen treatment, especially that it could be done remotely with such great results.”

– Ian M., Flower Mound, TX

“I Wouldn’t Believe It If I Didn’t Feel the Difference Afterward.”

“IT REALLY WORKS!!!! Who knew a Bowen session could be done remotely. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t feel the difference afterward. I did fall asleep during the session. After the session, I felt refreshed; my whole body responded; it felt better, stronger, and aligned. And Brenda prays and asks God for guidance/direction and healing, which is a supernatural blessing added to the session.”

– John G., Dallas, TX

“Brenda – I can’t thank you enough for working on me remotely as I’m a few states away and was in distracting levels of pain. No amount of my own tools and tricks were resolving the pain in my hip/piriformis/low back area from my recent air travels.

As you know, I am familiar with Bowen and have received quite a bit of in-person Bowen, but had never received long-distance Bowen. When I receive in-person Bowen, I usually don’t experience relief until I wake up the next morning. This time was surprisingly different: About 5 minutes after I got up from our long-distance session, I was PAIN-FREE. I remained pain-free all day, and I got up the next day with a SLIGHT amount of stiffness that worked itself out within about 10 minutes of getting up out of bed. I have been free of pain and stiffness since that first morning.

As you know, I am out of town and working on a project within which I am under tremendous amounts of mental, emotional, and spiritual pressure. That stress was also much easier to manage since our session two days ago. I can’t thank you enough!!”

– Susan K., Lewisville, TX (but in Las Vegas. NV for this remote session)

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