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Problem Losing Weight: Let’s Solve It Together!

  • Are you having trouble losing weight?
  • Are you concerned your weight gain may lead to other health issues down the road?
  • Or are you already experiencing those health problems now and don’t know what to do?

The first step is to acquaint yourself with the facts around fat. The next step is to get some help. 

Fat Isn’t Your Enemy

Our fat-obsessed culture has made fat an enemy to be conquered. But when it comes down to it, at its base level, fat is your body’s friend.

Your body requires a certain amount of fat to function correctly. So before we get to the attack on fat, let’s clear the air and talk about the positive side of fat. 

 What fat does for your body:

  • Stores energy
  • Regulates your energy (the cycle of making, breaking, storing, and mobilizing fats)
  • Insulates your body
  • Protects your vital organs (if the fat cycle gets out of balance, diseases like heart disease and diabetes may arise)
  • Acts as a fuel tank for your body
  • Helps proteins do their jobs (essential fatty acids like triglycerides and cholesterol are messengers)
  • Initiates chemical reactions that help control growth, immune function, reproduction, and other aspects of metabolism
  • Aids your body in stockpiling nutrients, like vitamins A, D, E, and K, that are stored in the liver and fatty tissues

As you can see, when things are working properly, fat is an essential component of a healthy body. The problems come if we have an imbalance in our metabolism, dietary intake, exercise habits, or hormones. 

Fun fact: The human body does not usually generate new fat cells after puberty. When your body stores additional fat, the number of fat cells remains the same; they just get bigger! 

When There Is a Problem

A majority of Americans don’t have weight problems that would affect their health. But if you are one of the 39.6% of Americans that are obese, then you need to need to take action. People who are obese have an excess of adipose tissue (fat).

Doctors generally proclaim that a person is obese when their body weight is 20% higher than it should be.

Being obese severely impacts your health, so taking measures to avoid obesity is paramount. The good news is that there are a lot more ways to approach weight loss than there used to be. We will explore a few here, but first, let’s explore how your body burns off fat.  

Burn Baby Burn 

Fats get burned off through a process called Lipolysis. Here is how Biology Dictionary describes Lipolysis: 

Lipolysis is the process by which fats are broken down in our bodies through enzymes and water, or hydrolysis. Lipolysis occurs in our adipose tissue stores, which are the fatty tissues that cushion and line our bodies and organs. In fact, fats can be thought of simply as stored energy. Fats are ready and available for when our glucose stores run low between meals, and it makes sense for Lipolysis to occur as it will facilitate the movement of these stored fats through our bloodstream. Breaking down this “potential energy” into free moving fatty acids can then allow them to be repurposed or expended as fuel! 

 Stripped of all the details, the fat burning process is pretty straight forward. 

  • A fat cell releases fat. 
  • The fat is taken to another cell to be burned.  
  • The fat enters the cell and is burned (lipid oxidation). 

Your body does this all day long without any intervention from you. And when everything is going well, you get all the benefits that fat has to offer. So why is it that the process sometimes doesn’t work and your body starts to accumulate excessive amounts of fat?  

4 Reasons for Weight Gain In Your Control

1. Physical Inactivity

Physical inactivity is at the top of the list. Research done by The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) showed strong correlations between physical inactivity and weight gain in both sexes.  

2. Overeating

Generally speaking, overeating leads to weight gain, but diets high in fat or sugar will rack up the pounds more quickly than other foods because these foods have a high energy density (a lot of calories in a small amount of food). 

3. High-Carb Diet 

Another you might be familiar with: A high-carb diet. A diet high in simple carbohydrates also significantly contributes to weight gain.

Although the role of carbohydrates in weight gain is not clear, carbohydrates do increase blood glucose levels, which then stimulates insulin release by the pancreas. Insulin promotes the growth of fat tissue, which can cause weight gain.  

4. Frequency of Eating

You might be surprised by this one. This reason is somewhat controversial, but researchers have noted that people who eat small meals four or five times a day have more stable blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels than people who eat two or three large meals a day. 

7 Reasons for Weight Gain Not In Your Control

1. Genetics

If one or more of your parents is obese, then you are more likely to be obese. The hormones involved in fat regulation are also affected by genetics.

For example, leptin, a hormone produced in fat cells and the placenta, signals the brain to eat less when body fat stores are too high. If the body cannot produce enough leptin or if leptin cannot signal the brain to eat less, then weight control is lost, and obesity occurs. 

2. Medications

The reason that the medication causes weight gain depends on the medication. Medications associated with weight gain include: 

Discontinuing medications could have serious side effects, so if you are concerned about whether your medications are contributing to your weight problems, consult with your doctor.   

3. Psychological Factors

For some people, emotions influence eating habits. Many people overeat in response to emotions such as boredom, sadness, stress, or anger.  

 4. Certain Diseases

Insulin resistance, hypothyroidismpolycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome are a few of the conditions that can lead to obesity. 

5. Social Issues

Some of the underlying causes of obesity stem from social issues like lack of money to purchase healthy foods or the absence of safe places to walk or exercise. 

6. Ethnicity

Research shows that ethnicity factors can influence the age of onset and the pace of weight gain.  

7. Hormones

Hormones act as chemical messengers that affect your body’s systems. One hormone imbalance can cause a domino effect throughout the entire body. The hormones that are related to fat regulation and weight control are: 


An insulin-sensitive fat cell will release less fat and store more. 


Catecholamines usually speed up fat release, but if they are not working correctly, they can slow fat release instead. 


Thyroid hormone works in opposition to Estrogen, but if the thyroid malfunctions and causes a thyroid hormone deficiency, then weight gain can occur.  

Sex Hormones

Progesterone, Estrogen, and Testosterone imbalances can cause weight problems in both men and women. 


Cortisol is familiarly deemed “the stress hormone” because it is the hormone that preps the body’s fight or flight response when you are in danger. If your body experiences a constant stress response because you are consistently stressed out or over-react to situations, then your metabolism and digestions will slow down, which leads to weight gain.  

As you can see, the underlying causes of weight gain and resistance to weight loss are bountiful and diverse.

Some are in your control, while others are not. It can be confusing, and your efforts may be ineffective when you’re trying to tackle losing weight on your own. That’s why we have developed The Metabolic Blueprint™ Weight Loss Program. 

We’re Here to Help!

The Metabolic Blueprint™ Weight Loss Program is uniquely tailored for you! We believe that no cookie-cutter weight-loss program is going to work for everyone. Your body is unique.

That’s why we have created a Functional Medicine-based program that looks at the whole picture when it comes to losing weight. Our genetic, metabolic, hormone-based approach corrects underlying metabolic, hormonal, and lifestyle issues that plague many who struggle with weight loss resistance.

In our experience, participants have lost an average of 12-22 lbs of fat in the initial 6-weeks of the program. 

The Metabolic Blueprint™ Weight Loss Program

The Metabolic Blueprint™ Weight Loss Program, designed with you in mind, includes:

  • A comprehensive genetic test to determine your exact nutritional lifestyle and exercise needs to create permanent weight loss 
  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our nationally and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 
  • Nutritional supplements to accelerate fat burning and reduce cravings when needed 
  • A monthly program with ongoing support with your health coach to assist you in making lasting changes, meal plans and accountability 
  • An easy-to-follow, no guesswork meal plan made of whole foods to promote a change in your biochemistry and metabolism – food is medicine 
  • Organizational strategies to help you plan and execute your lifestyle changes your way 
  • Personalized support at every step 
  • Program lengths based on your weight loss goals 
  • Skills to use for a lifetime 

What Makes Our Program Special For Sustainable Weight Loss?

It is the ONLY natural and completely safe method to melt your body fat without a single pill, unbearable hunger pangs, cravings, bad moods, low energy, or a drop of sweat!

This system puts your genetics into high gear by personalizing your dietary recommendations based on how your genes best work with foods.

Our genes have a lot of influence on whether we respond better to a higher fat diet, high protein, or a macro-balanced diet. When you personalize your diet and exercise to your genes, your ability to lose weight is significantly enhanced. 

Take Control of Your Weight – For Life!

Turn on your body’s fat-burning switch! The fat that seems to be stuck around your middle, or the jiggly part in your upper arm? That can be melted away in a matter of days with NO: 

  • Starving yourself — or living on bowls of mushy cereal or chalky “meal replacement” shakes 
  • Running yourself ragged like a hamster in a wheel 
  • Danger of unhealthy side effects 

A clinical study showed that people can lose more weight on a genetically-based diet and that their key wellness markers like blood sugar, blood pressure, key lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides, and waist size can improve dramatically. 

Our program will help you shed weight and give you the resources and guidance you need to keep it off for good! 

Metabolic Blueprint™ Teaches Correct Food Habits

  • A complete checklist of the foods you should be eating for your best health (take it to the grocery store with you) 
  • The seven foods you shouldn’t eat — EVER! 
  • A list of the foods that may be contaminated by hidden, fat-spurring toxins 
  • The specific supplement regimen you need if you’re on a low-carb diet 
  • Personalized food recommendations that are made for your metabolism 

Here’s How It Works

Visit our office for a full health coaching consult, genetic testing, and body composition analysis. Leave this visit with an initial plan to start your weight loss.  

One to three weeks later, come in for a follow-up visit to review your genetic test, current progress, receive your individualized genetic diet and exercise plan, evaluate your body composition, and individualize your plan to maximize your program.  

Continue with bi-weekly visits with your health coach in person or via phone or video conference to assist you with the program until you reach your goal weight. 

We know you want a physical body that you love as well as boundless energy and wellness. Our functional medicine approach is exactly what you need if you are struggling with your weight.

If diet and exercise haven’t been enough, or if you can’t even get yourself onto a diet and exercise plan, there is an underlying cause that is blocking you from achieving your goals. Let’s solve this together! 

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