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Jenny Bair has spent the last 20 years teaching, training, consulting, organizing and coaching individuals, couples, families, and companies to live and work in “their zones” to make their heart’s desires happen. Her training is in Health and Wellness Promotion and Education and received her Master’s degree from Idaho State University. She has started many wellness programs in the corporate, collegiate and medical settings including but limited to the GEN Austin group, The Network Peer Education group, W.E.L.L. (Wellness Educators for Longer Lives), Motorola’s Well Quest, ISU’s Healthy Lifestyles Center, Renaissance Women’s Center, Austin Heart Hospital and now Living Well Dallas. She also has consulted with many companies, medical establishments and been a healthcare consultant for the Texas Department of Health & University of Texas – PPIP (Put Prevention Into Practice) program.

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Jenny Bair is the co-founder of Living Well Health and Wellness Center, an integrative medical practice focused on patient-centered care. Founded in 2005, the team has expanded from 4 to 14+ practitioners.

Jenny Bair has blended her past life of hospital marketing and wellness, healthcare consulting and teaching at the collegiate level, the love of medicine and change together into her integrative medical practice called Living Well Dallas that she co-owns with Betty Murray, CN, IFMCP.

Jenny feels pretty darn lucky to work with the team of experts that she shares the space with every day. Lives are changing under this roof; what a HUGE honor that we all get to share in our client’s lives. She and Betty wanted to open Living Well to change the way healthcare is practiced in our country. They strive to provide comprehensive, client-centered care, with practitioners that take extra time to get those questions of what happened then? How are you feeling? What do you need right now? and more…truly looking at the whole picture of their lives. She feels beyond blessed with the honor and privilege to experience the “underbelly” of her client’s lives to get them to the other side.

Jenny Bair is a talented and entertaining speaker and has spoken to thousands of people in her career, appeared on Good Morning Texas with Pat Smith, on YouTube videos for educational videos, and written for several local publications including Home Magazine, Natural Awakenings, North Texas Kids Magazine and the Living Well newsletters.

Some of her satisfied clients have been: NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Board, GIG (Gluten Intolerance Board of North America), United Way, Heatley Capital, Caldwell Banker, Paige’s Angels, Dallas CONTACT, Women’s Department of Health, The Office of US Armed Forces, multiple chapters of GIG, and more.

Jenny Bair has been involved as the Education Director, Vice President, President and Past-President of the local NAPO chapter from 2003-2008. She was on the GIG National Conference Planning Board in 2010, Board member & Volunteer Expo Coordinator of the local GIG of Greater Dallas Chapter 2010-2011, and now serves on the Coppell LOVE 146 Task Force.

Her expertise is helping people to change what’s not working in their minds, their spaces, their lives; tweak that and start doing what does work quickly. Her motto is to help people “work with themselves and not against themselves.” She wants them to experience success right away so don’t be surprised by the homework otherwise known as inner-work that you will receive with encouragement. You will have an action plan after every session to keep you moving in the forward motion towards your destination. She has an approach to support her clients to decipher the truth and not live in “Fantasy land” too long especially when it may be emotional, spiritually or physically damaging to themselves or the people close to them. She works with clients of all faiths and no faith but believes a spiritual practice of some form is essential for staying grounded in this crazy, busy world. She is a strong, out of the box Christian because she has a BIG, HUGE out of the box, God. True healing takes place when you tap into those transparent beliefs that create each day that you live and start experiencing self-acceptance and love. Helping her clients get their A-HA moments and seeing them moving their lives forward passionately is what makes her get out of bed everyday.

Jenny Bair definitely believes in acknowledging your wiring, your talents, your skills, the way that you learn in designing your life, family and work mission statements. Mission statements aren’t just plastered in business plans and plaques on the walls; they are your living plan of creating your priorities and why you would say yes or why you would say no. Your marriage mission and core values help you get back on track when life tries to pull you in other directions. They remind you how to get back to that person you married and to yourself. Also, they help you teach your kids your values and pass on a legacy. It helps your family work as a team and interacts with more peace, fun, and less drama…Missions, core values, and family mottos can change the dynamics of the marriage and family. Exciting!

Jenny Bair is a certified SYMBIS marriage coach. SYMBIS stands for Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts and is perfect for dating, pre-engaged, engaged and married couples. You will receive a 15-page report when you start your coaching package with your honey and Jenny Bair, as you unpack the amazing results that are incredibly unique to your relationship. There is no relationship or marriage just like yours. Isn’t that cool to ponder! You can read more about SYMBIS here.

Deliberate Acts of LOVE, the 7 Key Values to Connecting, & the SYMBIS Assessment for couples will result in the marriage you have always dreamed of. Jenny’s desire is to help you turn your marriages’ heart’s desires into a reality based on tried and true behavioral science.

To help you make YOUR Marriage a GREAT, Wheels Off, Amazing kind of Adventure to sustain for years to come with fun, passion, laughter, connection & shared vision. She believes in the Deliberate Acts of Love in a marriage not Random Acts of Kindness. Every choice in our relationships can be of the self-focused make me happy kind or kindness manifesting in an action of love. 50% of marriages succeed; so you too can create the marriage that you have always dreamed of.

Jenny Bair is the leader of our professional organizing forces at Living Well called The Organizing Angels. They perform their angelic services for clients’ one on one and also with team organizing. They all have a combined of 30 years of organizing experience to help with the smallest to very daunting projects in the Residential or Professional areas. The Core Team of Organizing Angels are Jenny Bair, Terri Cox, and Christine Shanklin.

In addition, Jenny is the co-owner of Minerva Medical Consulting. So if you need a jumpstart, a new start, a kick in the pants, an organized mind/space/life then Jenny might be the right match for you. She will work through your life with you; “we might laugh and cry but we’ll get to enlightenment.” She’ll stick with you.

If you desire to learn more about Jenny Bair or the Organizing Angels please read our individual bios or feel free to contact the office for ten-minute phone consult to see if we’re a match for your goals.

If you’re ready to get your life in order and spend more time doing the things that you love, Jenny Bair is ready to help you.

To read more abou Jenny, click here.


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