Pain Management

Do you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, neuropathy, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or general pain? At Living Well Dallas, we have services that can help identify injuries so that an appropriate treatment plan can be created.

Identifying your pain points is the first step towards feeling better.

Bone density is a non-invasive technique used to diagnose osteoporosis or low bone density, predict the risk of fracture, and monitor the effectiveness of therapy for osteoporosis. Identifying high-risk patients before an injury occurs is important, and our team can help you determine your risk and implement wellness plans to reduce the risk.

Finding a Lasting Solution for Your Pain

Pain, whether from illness or injury, can have lasting negative effects on our body that impact our quality of life. In fact, signals of pain may remain within our bodies for months and years, leading to stress, depression, anxiety, changes in appetite, and a lack of energy.

At Living Well Dallas, we have a wide variety of treatment options to pinpoint and treat the source of your pain. We utilize LED light therapy, Ultrasound therapy, and more. Our mission is to bring healing to those who struggle with chronic pain so they can get back to living fully in their life while providing drug-free pain recovery solutions including therapeutic treatments that turn on the natural healing processes and home-use therapies.

To learn more about our pain management approaches and to see which would be the best option for your needs, give us a call!


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