Dear Abby by Suzan Kearney

Dear Abby from Suzan Kearney:

There’s always something to work on!  Rapid Eye Technology has a loose protocol that we follow – whether you come in with something specific to address or not.  If you have something specific, then we can weave that issue in to your sessions.  If you aren’t sure exactly what you want to work on, we will work our way through the protocol.  Something ALWAYS bubbles up!

What is the protocol?

Over the course of about 6 weeks, you come in for 4-5 sessions.  Your first session will be an information session.  We go over your intake paperwork where we talk about your family, both your family of origin AND your current family.  There are many pattens that show up in families and I’ll point some of those patterns out to you as we talk.  We will also talk about some of the disease patterns in your family.  As Caroline Myss says, “Your biography becomes your biology.”  We can tell quite a bit about your current life patterns based on some of the disease patterns of your family.  You will walk away with a new structure within which to understand your family and where you fit in to your family.  We will also talk about your goals and what brought you in.  You will leave this session with at least one new self-care tool to start using right away.

The next three to four sessions will take you through a foundational journey that will cover:

Birth (where the journey begins),

Timeline (childhood stuff),

Defense Sets (what your brain does when you’re afraid)

Clearing for Unconditional Love (release programming that creates hidden dynamics that may create sabotage)

By the time you complete these first Foundations sessions, you will have learned at least 3 new self-care tools to use between sessions.  Oftentimes, clients will come in for their 3rd or 4th session and remark that the things that used to really trigger a strong response, don’t even cross their awareness anymore.  The things that once bugged them or elicited a strong response of anger or anxiety, just don’t seem to bug them anymore.

What next?

Once someone has completed their Foundations, we take a look at their goals and decide together on a course of action that suits the individual person the best.  We will create a plan that fits your life and your goals.  Some people want to continue to come in regularly, and others want to try out their new skill set and come back at a later date. Either way works just fine – it’s your journey!

To schedule an appointment with Suzan Kearney for a Rapid Eye Technology (RET) session, contact the office of Living Well at 972-930-0260.

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