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“I refresh my mind, body and spirit by taking a walk in the sunshine.”

From Jenny Bair:

I designed this Be Free! system starting with the Life Affirming Cards of 52 Weeks/365 Days to give people support for living life with some grace, ease, humor and fun using positive affirmations with A-C-T-I-O-N oriented tips and techniques on the back of re-usable card secured with an open clasp ring.  Over 90% of visits to the doctor can be boiled down to too much STRESS.  So, what are most people seeking in their personal and professional realms? Relief from the pressures of life and too much work, tactics to relax, strategies to connect with others in a simple, easy way that doesn’t take too much effort or thought beyond the already over extended To-Do list. The Be Free – Ignite Your Life System can help you reach your goals in the well-being related areas of your life such as: Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Organizational, Cooking, Sensuality, Life Admin and Creativity & Fun.   There are several ways to capture the Be Free message each week.  You can use the system by yourself weekly and or daily by using the cards as a visual cue to create some “space” mentally each week within the presented topic.  Utilize the private Be Free social media group to gain some community support.  Engage in one on one coaching in person at Living Well Dallas, by phone or Skype.  Any combo of the above. Even though the cards say gluten free living; this program applies to any person living a busy lifestyle.  Many of our clients like to also engage in detoxing their bodies too by using the Cleanse book, written by Betty Murray, the co-author of Be Free cards and my business partner.

So, the bottom line is to seek support at the level in which you need it and the best way it fits into your day.  So, my encouragement is to watch the weekly video (on Facebook) and review the Be Free weekly tips to help keep a focus on your mind for the week. Use what works; leave the rest behind. I have the motto with my clients, “Work with yourself and not against yourself.” I hope you have a great week!



 So, Step 1: Watch the video on Facebook —

Step 2:  Read over these quickie life ideas to see what might work for you

Step 3:  Try one or more of the ideas on for size and see what happens to your mood, your interactions with others and how you feel about yourself & goal at the end of the week


Some ideas to try for this week’s concept:

-Take a walk of 20 minutes or more to increase your brain neurotransmitters and your Vitamin D levels

-Color for 20 minutes in a coloring book or a mandala book to increase better mood and decision making abilities

-Create art for 20 minutes or more

-Decide on your shifts during the day and how you will implement short breaks to refresh, get grounded, relieve stress throughout the day in 5-15 minute increments


If you are ready to get started to Ignite Your Life by Being Free, then contact our office to purchase your set of cards at $17.99 or the Be Free-Cleanse Combo at $24.99 or start coaching to get some guidance for life, love and your career to point you in the direction of your dreams and goals. To work with Ms. Bair, MHE, COO, contact our office at 972-930-0260.  See more on our website at:  I’ll see you next week.



Jenny Bair, MHE, COO is the Co-Founder of Living Well Health & Wellness Center.  She is a Born Leader, Speaker, Author & Coach.  Jenny “Crafts Extraordinary Lives and Careers through Creativity, Resiliency & Deliberate A-C-T-I-O-N”. 


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