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Fall & Winter Marriage Packages for WIVES with Jenny Bair, MHE

Some of the Fall & Winter Marriage Packages for WIVES with Jenny Bair, MHE

“H.O.T.T. Marriage Magic” Coaching Package for Wives
Have you become too much like exhausted roommates instead of passionate lovers with your spouse
? The average time married couples with small children spend with each other is approximately 16 minutes. These sixteen minutes break down to the first four minutes that you wake, four minutes before you walk out the door, four minutes at the dinner table and then four right before bed. So are you spending those 16 minutes with quality, zest, and in a loving manner? If not then, maybe it’s time to examine how to get your personal and relationship groove back in the communication and intimacy departments. Ms. Bair, MHE, wants to help you and your spouse make time for each other in ways with small, achievable actions that make a BIG impact in connecting with your vibrant self again and passionately with each other. (Also, H.O.T.T. is a method that you’ll learn more about in your sessions)

“Make Mamma Matter” Marriage Coaching Package for Wives
One of the most heated topics of married couples with young children and teens can be chore and role delegation in the household. As each new member brings some fun and joy; they also bring more work for the parents who are trying to manage their own existing responsibilities. WHO does WHAT, HOW we do it and WHEN; can be a source of conflict for many couples. Ms. Bair, MHE, wants to help you in these three sessions to help stressed parents how to fit it all in, come up with systems that work to keep the household more organized and reduce the chaos, how to decide on who does what in constructive conversations with their partner, ways to connect with their spouse with THREE different date nights in the month, and how to fit in “Me Time” so that Mamma can be a grounded force of LOVE in the house.

Each package above of three hours is $465.00. 


Call for a complimentary 30 minute session of your choice of: a Leadership quiz (What Tonic are You Drinking?), a marriage quiz (Are you Exhausted Roomates or Passionate Lovers?) or a self-quiz on self-pleasure.  Just call to make your appointment at the number below.

Call 972-930-0260 or email at jenny@livingwelldallas.com.

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