Living Well Dallas Speakers Bureau

Living Well Dallas Speakers Bureau
October 17, 2019 0 Comments

Our team of experts offers your business or non-profit organization many great topics. Book your speaking event with our team by calling 972-930-0260 or emailing See our list of topics below.

Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP

CEO & Founder of Living Well Dallas

  • Mastering Your Sleep
  • Gluten, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune

Nancy Scheinost, MD, IFMCP

  • Wine, Women, Hormones – Why Women Get Autoimmunity 10X More Than Men
  • Are Bio-Identical Hormones Right For You?
  • Autoimmunity: Taming the Complexity of an Immune System on Fire

Gabrielle Grandell, BSc, FMCHC, CLT, NBC-HWC

  • Quality over Quantity (Food/Life)
  • Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability/Digest Health
  • The Gut-Brain Connection
  • GMO’s
  • Build a Better Brain
  • Eat the Rainbow (colorful foods – geared toward kids)

Celia Naples, CHC

  • Habit Forming:  The Secret to Replacing Negative Habits with Positive Ones
  • Sugar Is Not Your Friend
  • Aging with Attitude:  The Secret Formula to Longevity

Brenda Briscoe, LMT

  • What is Bowen Therapy and Why Do I Need It?
  • Migraines, TBIs, Alzheimers – Is There Really Any Help?
  • Build a Better Brain

Jim Kearney, LMT

  • People-Friendly BioEnergy Devices for Comfort, Aches and Stress Relief, Energy Enhancement