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Weight Loss Programs for Men? Tell Me More!

Did you know that 70% of men and 57% of women in the U.S. are either overweight or obese? Does the higher ratio of men to women surprise you? It might not be such a surprise when you consider that research has shown that many men won’t get the help they need to lose weight.

There are many misconceptions about weight loss programs. Let’s look at why men don’t take on weight loss programs and why they don’t apply.

If you are on a weight-loss program, you can only eat “feminine” foods.

Are you a red meat and potatoes man? We get it. Many men see grilled chicken over lettuce as a “feminine” food that impacts their masculinity. Not all diets are “chick” diets. But let us also ask you this— would you prefer to be obese and have to struggle with all of the stressors (emotional, mental, and physical) that being overweight causes, or would you prefer your body to be healthy, strong, and toned? When you look at it like that, maybe a change in diet isn’t too bad. And the results may make you look even more masculine than you did when you ate steak and eggs every day.

People who participate in weight loss programs are focused on their looks, not their health.

Yes, many weight loss programs are marketed to people’s vanity. If you’re not into that, then those programs aren’t for you. But not all weight-loss programs, especially medical weight loss programs, are created to make you prettier or sexier or have the perfect body. Instead, many programs are focused on how losing weight can benefit a client’s health.

Weight-loss programs, especially behavioral programs, are too complicated.

Some weight loss programs can be overly complicated, but not all of them are. A good weight loss program will be clearly defined, science-based, and simple to follow. Yes, it will take work on your end, but all you have to do is follow directions. And you’ll have a whole team to support you in achieving your goals.

Weight loss programs are only for women.

Men can benefit just as much as women by participating in a medical weight loss program. Need proof? If you are the kind of guy who doesn’t care what you look like, let us ask you— do you care how you feel?

Not only is hefting around a flat tire (or something more) exhausting, it puts undue strain on your muscles, impacts your sex life, and can take a toll on your wallet. On the other hand, losing weight has positive impacts on your life. So let’s take a look.

Improve Your Sex Life

Obesity lowers testosterone levels causing you to feel sluggish, irritable, and tired. Low testosterone also causes your sex drive to diminish and lead to erectile dysfunction. This can take a toll on your relationship as well as your mental health. Making your way back to your target weight boost testosterone levels to normal, increasing your energy and lifting your mood. Your libido and sexual function can also improve.

Reduce Knee, Back, and Breathing Problems

It’s natural for back pain and knee pain to increase as you age, but they can also get worse the more you weigh. The less weight your body has to support and carry around, the less pain you’ll feel. Patients who have lost weight have also reported improved breathing. If you have a big heavy belly, its weight compresses your lungs and makes it difficult to breathe.

Save Money on Medications

Obesity sets you up for developing metabolic syndrome. Of course, you’ve heard it before by various other names: abnormal blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. However, metabolic syndrome is the express train to severe health conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Not only will these conditions negatively affect your health and quality of life, but you will need to manage your symptoms. That means you’ll need to take prescription drugs, and prescription drug costs add up quickly. Even if you have insurance, you could still pay hundreds of dollars a month on medications.

Wouldn’t you prefer to use that money on something fun?

    • Losing weight can
    • Lower your heart rate
    • Lower your blood pressure
    • Correct your cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    • Reduce your risk of heart disease

If you have diabetes or hypertension, there is the possibility that you could go off of your medications if you stick to a healthy weight management plan after the initial weight loss phase.

So, How Is Our Program different?

Here’s our approach to weight loss. First off, the program is tailored to your needs. That means that if you are concerned that weight loss programs are only for women, you can rest assured that this one will be just for you.

Our goal is that you:

  • Have boundless energy and wellness
  • Feel great about your body
  • Experience permanent weight loss

We Take a Scientific Approach to Your Weight Loss Program

We design weight loss programs for men on their genetics and metabolism. Our hormonally-sound approach corrects underlying metabolic, hormonal, and lifestyle issues that plague many men who struggle with weight loss resistance.

We want you to get pumped and stay pumped about your weight loss program. Our clients lose an average of12-22 lbs of fat in the first 6-weeks of the program.

The first thing we do is to perform comprehensive genetic testing to determine what lifestyle and exercise choices are best for you. You’ll also have a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle evaluation with our nationally and Functional MedicineCertified Health Coach.

Your health coach will give you ongoing support and assist you in making lasting changes, meal plans, and accountability. The meal plan is comprised of real whole foods and is easy to follow.

Your health coach will teach you organizational strategies to help you plan and execute your lifestyle changes your way.

Sound Like a Weight Loss Program for You?

Contact us for a complete health coaching consult, genetic testing, and body composition analysis. You will leave with an initial plan to start your weight loss!



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