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BHRT: Is It a Cost-Effective Treatment?

Have you decided that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) could be the answer to your struggles with hormone imbalance, but you can’t justify the cost? Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover?” This phrase applies to BHRT costs. On the surface, the cost of BHRT may look high, but when you consider other factors, you can see just how cost-effective a treatment BHRT is.

Sometimes you have to look at how much it will cost you NOT to do something or how much you will save over the long run to see its true value. So that’s the approach we will take for the purpose of this article.

Prevents Costly Future Conditions

Studies have linked many BHRT like natural progesterone, estriol, and estradiol to a reduced risk of:

  • Breast cancer
  • Blood clots
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Imagine how much money you could save by stopping these conditions before they even start. Of course, osteoporosis can also be treated proactively with bio-identical hormones. But, again, prevention is much better than expensive long-term care insurance.

Clears Out Your Medicine Cabinet

BHRT clears up hormone-imbalance-related issues like:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Dry eyes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

That means that all of that medication you are taking for those issues can stay at the pharmacy, so this saves money and time. You may also find that you can stop taking some of the expensive supplements you have been using to relieve symptoms and deficiencies caused by your hormonal imbalance.

Improves Your Work Performance

It doesn’t happen often, but if you have extreme symptoms and can’t get them under control, it can cost you your job. More often, it’s just your work performance that suffers, which can be embarrassing and put you in a delicate situation with your boss and co-workers. That sounds like a cost-effective treatment!

Saves Your Relationships

Healthy, loving relationships are priceless. But, unfortunately, even healthy relationships can be stressed and damaged by the symptoms of menopause or andropause.

Women and men who have hormone imbalances can experience:

  • Rage
  • Exhaustion
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Difficulty with memory
  • Low libido
  • Sexual challenges

Even just one of these symptoms can implode a love relationship or damage your work.

Saves You Time

For many people, time is money. And, if you are one of these people, imagine how much money you will save if you don’t have to spend time in specialists’ offices waiting for the treatment of multiple symptoms or future conditions that can be prevented by using BHRT.

If you choose pellets as your delivery system, you won’t have to mess with taking something every day or wasting creams because you can’t quite get the right amount on your hand each time. With pellets, you will get a consistent delivery of consistent levels of hormones for months at a time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

No More Wasting Money on Weight Loss Programs

One of the great benefits of BHRT is weight loss, especially if your hormone imbalance is caused by natural aging. That fat tire, those love handles, and that stubborn fat can melt away without wasting money on weight loss programs. That sounds like a cost-effective treatment!

Turn Down the Volume on Esthetic Treatments

BHRT, particularly pellets, improves skin tone, color, and elasticity. That means that you can lighten up on or even skip expensive treatments like dermal fillers, Botox, and plastic surgery.

Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, insurance coverage and BHRT is a complicated matter. Some providers will cover this hormone but not that hormone. Some providers will cover all or part of the cost of BHRT to treat certain conditions, while others will not. Many insurance companies consider BHRT “holistic” or “natural” treatments and will not cover the cost of BHRT. The best way to answer this question is to contact your insurance provider.

Medicare Coverage

Again, this is not a simple matter. Medicare has limited prescription drug coverage under the original Part A and B plans. These plans probably won’t cover hormone therapy at all. Part D Perscription Drug Plans cover prescription drugs, including hormones. If you are stuck with the original Medicare plan but want insurance coverage that will pay for BHRT, you can get a private insurance plan or add a stand-alone Medicare Part D Perscription Drug Plan.

The Prescription Plan Loophole

As with many other medications, there is a loophole that can allow you to get hormone prescriptions that the insurance company may not cover. At some point, your pharmacy or doctor has suggested to you to get the generic version of a drug because the cost is significantly lower, or your insurance company covers the generic version but not the brand name version.

With BHRT, you could ask your insurance company for a list of medications that your plan does cover and ask us to take a look. If one of your medications or hormones is not on the list, we may be able to find a substitute that insurance covers.

The Living Well Dallas Difference

Hopefully, you can now see BHRT is a cost-effective treatment. Our precision keeps you healthier and your wallet happier. We take BHRT as seriously as we take all of the other treatments that we offer to optimize your health and wellbeing.

We take time to run precise tests and consult with you to perfect your BHRT prescription for your unique body chemistry, and we don’t just look at sex hormones. Since hormones rely on each other to function properly, we also check other hormones to make sure you are in balance.

Our Test Don’t Guess philosophy evaluates how your body metabolizes and eliminates your hormones, which helps us determine how your hormones get used and detoxified. This additional step provides us with information that ensures that BHRT is a good fit long-term and which delivery method is better suited for your system. Have you decided that your health and happiness are worth it? Contact us for a consultation today!


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