Do I have to enroll in a program or can I just make an appointment for my desired service?

At Living Well, we strive to meet our clients where they are at.  So, one person may be ready for big changes in their life such as embarking on a life mission change and weight loss program and another may want to receive a medical consultation about hormone balancing.  We can accommodate any vision or dream you may have around creating the healthy vibrant life you want.  Each program or consultation is designed just for you.  Give us a call and we can discuss your desires and how we can make them a reality.

Do you take insurance?

Our approach is designed to focus on your individual needs where we can take the time to know and understand your unique health and life needs.  We do not let third providers or managed-care determine what is best for your care.  We believe that is a decision best left to you and your health care team. Therefore, we do not accept insurance or managed care polices.  However, we will be happy to supply you with a receipt including codes for you to submit to your insurance.

Are we available to speak to groups, organizations and companies?

We have a variety of experts that are also trained speakers, authors and skilled workshop presenters.  We speak to groups large and small.  One of our most popular speaking options is the Expert forum, where our panel of experts speak about a health topic together and are open for questions.  We can accommodate your needs. Contact us for more information.

Are your labs covered on any private insurance coverage?

We often use in-network labs such as Quest Laboratories and Labcorp. However, many of the laboratory tests used in Functional Medicine and Nutritional Counseling are provided by non-network labs.

Most of these labs will file with private PPO insurance companies directly. However, coverage varies by Insurance companies and the rates charged to the insurance company on behalf of the lab are retail rates which are significantly higher than the practitioner price we negotiate for our clients.  We recommend that our client pay the lab charges in advance at our office and file the claim with the receipt including CPT Codes (lab test codes required by insurance companies) directly with their insurance company to receive reimbursement. This ensures that you pay the lowest price for the lab regardless of what your insurance company covers. We recommend that clients contact their insurance company for coverage information.

In some instances, financing is available through ICARE and can be used to finance laboratory testing and services interest-free.