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Craving a dash more vitality? Yearning for renewed purpose and passion? You're in the right place! Menopause Mastery is the go-to platform for women like you who are eager to reclaim their vigor and venture into life's next exciting chapter with full gusto.

What's special about Menopause Mastery? It's a place where science meets simplicity! We're passionate about unpacking complex scientific principles and making them super easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Each week, we invite world-class professionals – doctors, scientists, psychologists, and sex experts – as well as inspiring individuals who are living their best lives to share their wisdom and experiences.

Here at Menopause Mastery, we dive deep into discussions about nutrition, menopause, hormones, functional medicine, and maintaining a wellness lifestyle, and that's just the beginning. We are your companions on this journey of self-discovery where you'll uncover your deepest desires, optimize your physical and mental health, and gain a crystal-clear vision of what you want out of life.

And who's leading this journey? Your new medical bestie! A delightful mix of geek and magician, I'm dedicated to being the voice for women like you in this transformative phase of life. My mission is to inspire and guide those who want to embrace this chapter with vigor, purpose, and passion.

Ready to make this the best season ever?

Do you have burning questions on your mind? No need to hold back! "Ask Betty"!

We believe there's no such thing as TMI.

You're free to ask anything – remember, this is your space to explore, grow, and thrive. Just click on the contact us page and ask your question and she will try and add your question to the podcast lineup!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's kickstart this adventure and take control of your journey. Tune in to the Menopause Mastery podcast, and let's celebrate life, embrace change, and conquer challenges together!

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