Virtual Appointments

In our commitment to serve our patients the best way we can, we’ve made our providers available for virtual video-guided appointments. This service is reserved primarily for returning patients –you’ve already had your initial consultation and are familiar with your provider– so follow-up appointments can be scheduled quickly.

Take a look at the links and information below. We use a privacy protected platform called for all video appointments.

You can schedule time with your provider using the links below:
Betty –
Celia –
Gabrielle –
Grace –
Dr Scheinost –
Dr Shipe –
Kimie –
Neelima –

Please review the Patient Guide ( before the video call to help ensure your telehealth appointment goes smoothly.

We require your credit card information to be on file 24 hours prior to your video appointment. If you ever desire to change your on file preferred credit card, please contact us 24 hours prior to your appointment.   Your card is charged at the conclusion of your visit and your receipt is uploaded in to the patient portal. 

Please give us a call to inquire about any other questions!

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