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Living Well Dallas offers the most diverse set of Functional Medicine trained specialists with mind-body-medicine support under one roof.

Through a combination of Functional Medicine based services, therapies, and mind-body specialties we are able to provide patients with the best, and most customized treatment plans to achieve wellness.

Through a variety of treatment plans and expert guidance, we bring together the supportive mind-body medicine specialists including licensed counseling, life coaching, health coaching, Bowen Therapy massage, LED Light Therapy, and energy medicine. Each of these different paths will help you get well and stay well whether you need stress management to build relationships or you’re seeking relief from chronic pain.

We are your partner in health and believe that the path to wellness is a conversation between patient and practitioner. We do not prescribe quick fixes and will always work to uncover the root cause of your health concerns. We have a wide set of skills under the same roof and we collaborate to find the best treatment plan for each patient. We offer patients a strong support system because implementing a wellness plan can be challenging without proper support.

Let us help you figure out how to get started Living Well Dallas – email us at or call 972-930-0260.

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Here at Living Well Dallas, we bring compassion, wellness, and community together, ensuring you experience the support and care you deserve. Schedule a consultation with us today and learn what personalized wellness care in Dallas can do for you.


We at Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center want you to be as healthy and well-informed as you can be during this trying time. The safety of our patients, clients, and staff are of the utmost importance. We are always working diligently to maintain a clean and sanitized facility at all times, washing our hands frequently and disinfecting rooms between patients as well as disinfecting the remainder of the office.  With COVID-19 concerns we have continued to implement increased sanitizing efforts to help further protect our clients and community.

In addition to our standard disinfecting procedures we will be increasing our frequency of sanitizing all touched surfaces such as door knobs, counter tops, light switches, etc. to every hour.  Our staff has also been instructed to keep personal contact to a minimum and if feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms of illness to remain at home.

Virtual Appointments
For those patients scheduled during the next two weeks, we offer video and phone conferencing for appointments so you can continue your care and stay at home. We can easily switch your appointment. 

We will remain open with regular business hours and our staff is prepared to continue to provide quality care for you during this time of uncertainty.  We will continue to modify and update any protocols as best needed to care of you and our community.  Thank you for your continued support, trust and cooperation during this time.

Your Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Provider Team