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Identifying the Root Cause to Restore Health

Experience Comprehensive Functional Medicine at Living Well Dallas

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We have developed a comprehensive questionnaire to help us create a timeline of your health and explore lifestyle habits, experiences, and health concerns. This timeline helps us get to the root of your health issues.

Match with the Right Specialist

One of our Client Care coordinators will use your questionnaire and information from a discovery call to match you with the right specialist for your needs. We never send patients to a provider without a reason.

Live Your Best Life

Using our experience and dedication to patients leading a healthy life, we will customize the best treatment path for you so you can restore your health and live your best life!

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When you are looking for answers, it can often seem like you are all alone. We’re here to tell you there are answers to your health issues. We specialize in helping you get to the root cause and restore health and vitality with personalized functional medicine, hormone optimization, and restorative therapies.

Comprehensive Consultation

When you start your wellness journey with LIVING WELL DALLAS, we begin with a comprehensive phone consultation and intake process to get you to the right provider to start on our team.

Discover Root Causes

We listen to learn. This comprehensive functional medicine health history & timeline is designed to identify the root cause. Once we have your lab results, we partner with you in a collaborative process to help you live, feel and be well.

Personalized Treatment

Our team will provide you with an integrated functional medicine treatment plan so you can restore your health. Feel better and live a happier, healthier life!


Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition, or have lost your vitality and zest for life, our diverse team of functional medicine and mind-body medicine experts are here by your side ready to help. We partner with you, developing an individualized treatment plan to make sure you achieve the results you deserve.


Discover how hormone optimization and natural, testosterone pellet therapy can rejuvenate your physical health. Our therapies can address stubborn weight gain, issues with aging, mood swings, and more.


At the core of the practice of Functional Medicine is the understanding that each patient is unique and requires a personalized approach to reach their peak expression of health and vitality.


We look for the root causes of autoimmune conditions. Taking a functional medicine approach to uncover the triggers and correct underlying imbalances, we combine the latest in autoimmune research to treat even the most complex autoimmune conditions.


Nutrition is central to functional medicine. Find out how genetics, and epigenetics may play a role in how your body works, your risk for disease and how it may hold the key to the root of your health concerns.


Your health begins in your gut. Our goal is to uncover the cause of digestive issues and use therapeutic diet, nutrition and functional medicine to ensure you have a healthy gut.


Weight loss is not just as simple as calories in; calories out. Your hormones, genetics, stress, sleep and gut can all contribute to weight loss resistance. We offer comprehensive medically-managed weight loss solutions so you can lose the weight finally and forever!


With advanced diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments, we offer solution to mood issues that goes beyond prescriptions.


Pain is a sign that the body is out of balance. We have advanced diagnostics to get to the underlying cause of inflammation and advanced treatments that offer non-surgical pain relief.


Supplement your healthy diet with intravenous nutrition therapy that includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other items that boost your immune system and performance.


We recognize that a healthy body requires a health body-mind and spirit. We offer a variety of modalities such as counseling, health coaching, energy medicine, Bowen Therapy, and IV nutrition that support lasting health, treating and supporting a myriad of ailments.


Living Well Dallas is a Functional Medical Center with over a decade of experience. Our story began with a single clinic in 2005, and over the years, we have added new services, specialists, and grown our offerings to support our patients better. We are committed to providing full-service Functional Medicine and mind-body medicine services under one roof. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to ensure you can achieve maximum health and wellness. At Living Well Dallas, our goal is to uncover the root cause of your health concern rather than just treating your symptoms. Learn more about our story and how we can guide you to better health!


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Non-Diagnostic Wellness

You don’t need a diagnosis or illness to get care. Explore our therapies that give you and your body support that leaves you glowing so you’re ready to take on the day!

Live Your Best Life

With Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), fatigue, exhaustion, weight gain, and lack of libido can be a thing of the past! Learn more today!


How’s Your Health? Get Your Personalized Functional Medicine Timeline & Matrix Report.

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We at Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center want you to be as healthy and well-informed as you can be during this trying time. The safety of our patients, clients, and staff are of the utmost importance. We are always working diligently to maintain a clean and sanitized facility at all times, washing our hands frequently and disinfecting rooms between patients as well as disinfecting the remainder of the office.  With COVID-19 concerns we have continued to implement increased sanitizing efforts to help further protect our clients and community.

In addition to our standard disinfecting procedures we will be increasing our frequency of sanitizing all touched surfaces such as door knobs, counter tops, light switches, etc. to every hour.  Our staff has also been instructed to keep personal contact to a minimum and if feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms of illness to remain at home.

Virtual Appointments
For those patients scheduled during the next two weeks, we offer video and phone conferencing for appointments so you can continue your care and stay at home. We can easily switch your appointment. 

We will remain open with regular business hours and our staff is prepared to continue to provide quality care for you during this time of uncertainty.  We will continue to modify and update any protocols as best needed to care of you and our community.  Thank you for your continued support, trust and cooperation during this time.

Your Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Provider Team