At Living Well Health & Wellness Center we have brought together a multi-disciplinary team of providers who provide services and treatments together on your behalf to help you get well – body, mind and spirit.  Using a truly integrative approach we work as a team as needed when you want them to help you thrive.


CLINICAL NUTRITION: Our Nutrition services include nutritional function testing and nutrition counseling services for food allergies, digestive and metabolic disorders, weight loss and hormonal imbalance, pre and post bariatric nutrition and counseling, and guidance for emotional eating. We are an exclusive provider of Metabolic Blueprint™.

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WEIGHT LOSS: Our Comprehensive Weight Loss programs and services are designed and overseen by a Physician and Certified Nutritionist who will work with you to create a program that is both medically and nutritionally sound, based on your bio-individuality. We use laboratory testing to create your program based on your results.

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COUNSELING AND THERAPY: Our Therapy & Counseling services include individual, couples and family therapy, walk and talk therapy, and psychological assessment. Our counselors are focused on helping you move forward reducing stress, pain, anxiety and discord in your life.

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MASSAGE , BOWEN THERAPY AND BODYWORK: Our BodyWork & Massage services go way beyond just a spa service. As an integral part of medicine, massage can be both relaxing and therapeutic. We offer therapeutic, Swedish, deep tissue, CranioSacral, prenatal, neuromuscular, hot stone and lymphatic massage.  We offer a spectrum of specialty massages such as Bowen Therapy and Essential Oils to allow for you to personalize your massage experience.

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ENERGY MEDICINE, HEALING TOUCH AND RAPID EYE TECHNOLOGY: We offer on or off-body methods that are non-invasive techniques where a practitioner works with you to clear, energize, and balance your energy fields. These caring, heart-centered services can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. We offer Rapid Eye Technology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Healing Touch.

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LIFE COACHING: Our Life Coaching  services include comprehensive Life Mapping to help you get to your “Ah ha!” moment and get unstuck.  Life coaching may entail scheduling, wellness, business, relationship and spiritual coaching.

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HEALTH COACHING: Our health coaches are here to be your advocate, coach, and cheerleader to achieving your health goals.  Our health coaches are certified First Line Therapy Lifestyle Educators as well as nutritionists and Health Educators and work alongside our doctors and nutritionist providing services to help you integrate lifestyle changes to achive your health goals whether it is to loose weight or reduce stress.

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PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING: We offer residential and business professional organizing services to help you get organized to get well.  Eighty-five percent of all doctor visits are from stress. Stress is often from the everyday small stuff that bogs you down. Being organized is central to health. When you are organized, you have freedom to implement your lifestyle changes with aplomb.

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BE WELL CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP: Staying on track has never been so easy.  As a Be Well Circle™ member, you will discover how to get “Me Time” effortlessly with the rewards of stress reduction, relaxation, finding balance, improved nutrition and weight loss. Create your membership with monthly sessions of health coaching, individual counseling,  massage or healing touch.

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