Suzan Kearney, MED, MRET

Suzan learned of the powers of energy work through her own path of healing using several energy clearing modalities: EFT, Rapid Eye Technology and Reiki. She learned that the emotional experiences in our lives contribute to our ill health and dis-ease through creating imbalances in several of the body’s energy systems.

Suzan spent 10 years as a classroom teacher. Through that medium, she experienced the power of education. In 2003, Suzan shifted her focus from public school education of children to educating women and their families to help them live a more connected and vibrant life.

Suzan now uses Rapid Eye Technology and Reiki together to rebalance the subtle energy systems to uncover the sacred within each person. Once layers of trauma, stress and dis-ease are peeled away, an individual can see their true, originally perfect selves more clearly. Once that vision is restored, once you begin to see and remember who you really are, you will begin to make choices for your life based on this truth, not the experiences and perceptions that have covered YOU up for so long.

Suzan’s goal is to bring this gentle and empowering form of healing to women and their families through the collaborative efforts of Living Well Dallas.

For more information, Suzan invites you to contact her for a consultation. Together, you will determine your personal plan for growth. To read more about our energy psychology services click here.

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