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Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

health care and self care under one roof seamlessly integrated

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Find the Cause

functional medicine approach to health and healing

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Pain Relief Programs

drug-free pain recovery solutions, including therapeutic treatments that turn on the natural healing processes

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Natural Options for Depression & Anxiety

integrating counseling, coaching and therapy with cutting-edge Brain-Tap Technology to promote the relaxation response.

The Most Comprehensive Integrative Functional Medicine Center in Dallas

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Inviting and Tranquil Our Center is Designed to Set You at Ease The Way Health Care Should Be

Living Well Dallas – Functional Medicine Center is designed to provide a full-service lifestyle and functional medicine medical practices with mind-body-medicine under one roof. We have created a professional, multidisciplinary, collaborative center to provide a 360 degree, science-based, full-service experience. Together with you as the driver we combine the services you need to help you get better – from medical services to nutrition, life coaching or massage to pain relief and more – We work as a team on your behalf to help you achieve maximum heath and wellness.

We are passionate about getting to the root cause of your health concern and fixing that rather than covering symptoms.

We are proud to have two Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners out of the 300 nationally certified located in our center: Suzanne Mack, M.D. and Betty Murray, C.N.

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