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Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

functional medicine trained specialist and integrative mind-body medicine together

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Find the Cause

functional medicine approach to health and healing

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Pain Relief Programs

drug-free pain recovery solutions, including functional medicine Rheumatology, Bowen & LED light therapy

functional medicine genetic anaylsis

MTHFR, methylation and genetic anaylsis

learn how your genetics interact with your diet, lifeestyle and environment




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The Most Comprehensive Integrative Functional Medicine Center in Dallas

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Living Well Dallas – Functional Medicine Center

Living Well Dallas – Functional Medicine Center is designed to provide a full-service functional medicine and lifestyle medicine together with mind-body-medicine under one roof. We have created a professional, multidisciplinary, collaborative team to provide a 360 degree, science-based, full-service experience.

Living Well Dallas works together with you as the driver we combine the services you need to help you get better – from cutting-edge medical diagnostic testing and treatment to functional clinical nutrition testing to determine how to bio-individualize your treatment to the latest in mind-body treatments such as LED therapy for neuropathy and pain.  We have health and life coaching, counseling or Bowen Therapy and Brain Tap therapy for stress relief and more – We work as a team on your behalf to help you achieve maximum health and wellness.

Living Well Dallas – Functional Medicine Getting to the Root Cause

We are passionate about getting to the root cause of your health concern and fixing that rather than covering symptoms.

Living Well Dallas is proud to have three Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners out of the 500 nationally certified located in our center: Suzanne Mack, M.D. and Betty Murray, M.S., C.N., Nancy Scheinost, M.D.  John Roland, M.D., and David Morcom, Pharm. D. are candidates for certification in fall 2017.

Our Center is Warm and Inviting – A Respite from the Stressors of Today

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