May 2015

What’s Your Score?

By Betty Murray Do you know what your blood pressure is? Knowing your score is important in maintaining your health. Blood pressure is generally recorded as two numbers in ratio form. The top number— systolic pressure—is a measure of the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats (when the heart muscle is contracting). The bottom […]

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Diet Soda is Still Diet, Right?

By Betty Murray Don’t be fooled by the name. Diet soda—although calorie free and sugar free—is not healthy. The calories and sugar in diet soda are replaced with other ingredients that contribute to weight gain, among other health issues. Studies have linked diet soda to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, a group of symptoms that

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Special offer by Jessica Bluesky Vigil in the spirit of Spring

Jessica’s Special Spring Offer: Because Living Well’s Mission includes assisting people in gaining optimum living and well-being we offer you a special Spring Thing – entitling you to a complimentary RENEW YOU session with Jessica Blue Sky Vigil, LPCi.  To schedule your appointment please contact us at 972-930-0260 and mention this offer. Offer expires when

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Eating Your Emotions

By Betty Murray In our culture today, eating is emotional. We eat foods we love and foods that make us feel good. Eating is often psychological—a matter of pleasure, comfort, or of care. We eat to celebrate. We eat to grieve. We take food when a new baby is born, or when a friend loses a

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Jenny Bair speaking at Gluten Intolerance Group this weekend

Jenny Bair, MHE, will be the featured speaker at the Dallas Gluten Intolerance Group this weekend.  Join her as she shares “What the FODMAP?!” No, it’s not something the young kids are saying; it’s a diet that many try when they have gone Gluten Free but still are not feeling stellar. If you live with

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Snooze Your Way to Good Health

By Betty MurrayIf you are consistently depriving yourself of sleep, the consequences can be far more serious than simply being “sleepy” the next day. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health and well being. Why sleep matters for your health If you want to stay healthy, avoid mental cobwebs, and even lose weight, getting the

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