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Is Suppressed Anger Causing Your Depression and Anxiety? with Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LMFT

Anger is often seen as a negative and destructive emotion. However, our special guest in this episode challenges this perception and argues that it is actually a healthy emotion that should be embraced and understood. She encourages individuals, particularly women in the second season of life, the menopause phase, to recognize that anger is a valid and necessary emotion.

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing a renowned Psychotherapist, Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LMFT, who shares her insights and expertise on managing anger during menopause. We delve into the reasons behind this, how to navigate it, and why it’s important to address the underlying emotions causing it. 

Bronwyn’s approach to therapy is truly unique. Instead of simply fixing people’s problems, she aims to elicit the feelings we often bury deep inside ourselves. Rage, hatred, and anger – these emotions may be invisible, but they don’t just disappear. She believes that by acknowledging and processing these emotions, we can unlock a path to mental wellness and even prevent the onset of mental illness. It’s a powerful reminder that our emotions deserve validation and exploration.

I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Bronwyn and share her invaluable insights with all of you. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to navigate their emotions, improve their mental well-being, and cultivate a healthier relationship with anger.


Key Takeaways:

[00:01:46] Eliciting hidden, powerful emotions.

[00:03:52] Texas and southern women’s emotions.

[00:04:23] Embrace and validate your anger.

[00:06:17] Suppressed anger affects mental health.

[00:07:20] Our relationship with anger.

[00:10:32] Depressive experiences.

[00:13:31] Anger is a valid signal.

[00:15:49] Unexpressed anger can cause trauma. 

[00:18:09] Betrayal and PTSD.

[00:20:06] Expressing anger is empowering.

[00:21:29] Resilience in the next generation.

[00:24:44] Being our authentic selves.

[00:26:51] Family communication and expression.

[00:29:53] Podcast: “Angry at the Right Things.”

[00:30:16] The power of anger.


Memorable Quotes

“We’re going to feel some anger. And that’s a natural human response. So, there’s no such thing as an angry person, just like there’s no such thing as a breathing person. It’s okay to be angry.” – Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LMFT

“Being true to ourselves, not betraying ourselves, it’s going to piss people off. It is. And we’re going to have to be okay with disappointing people. You know, a lot of us were raised, don’t disappoint mom and dad, don’t disappoint, don’t disappoint. You know what? In order to be our authentic selves and not betray ourselves and therefore not be depressed and not be anxious, we’re going to have to make some people mad.” – Bronwyn Schweigerdt, LMFT


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