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Navigating The Holidays with Betty Murray

Step into the holiday chaos with me on this episode of the Menopause Mastery, as I fearlessly navigate the frenetic gauntlet of commercialism that often engulfs the festive season.  In a world where a quarter of our year is swept away by holiday chaos, I bring forth nuggets of wisdom to help you reclaim control and prioritize self-care amid the festive frenzy. 

Discover the art of reclaiming your time and well-being as I unveil insightful strategies for preserving your health, maintaining exercise routines, and safeguarding your sanity during the holidays. Self-care isn’t selfish—it’s a vital component of navigating the holidays with grace and joy. So, join me as I encourage you to invest in yourself, ensuring you emerge from this season as the best version of you.

As the festive lights twinkle, I also delve into the essence of menopause as a season of self-discovery and exploration. Uncover the layers of your passions and embrace the joy and fulfillment that await beneath. I’ll guide you through harnessing your physical and mental health to live a purposeful, passionate life during this transformative phase. 

Tune in for an episode that transcends the holiday hustle—a beacon of wisdom, love, and self-discovery that will empower you to navigate the season with grace and purpose. 


Key Takeaways:

[00:04:21] Christmas in a tiny apartment.

[00:06:40] Calories and metabolism debunked.

[00:11:13] The anticipation neurotransmitter dopamine.

[00:13:07] Gluten-free stuffing and comfort food.

[00:13:51] Mindful eating during holiday meals.

[00:16:23] Family’s desire to pull you off your diet.

[00:19:10] Live with gratitude, be present.

[00:22:24] Butter and flavor enhancers.

[00:24:32] Prepare, pamper, and move.

[00:27:02] Move and meditate.

[00:29:27] Own your no, prioritize yourself. 

[00:32:28] Time is precious, prioritize love. 


Memorable Quotes

“I think that is super important also, is we want to live in gratitude because that’s really what the holiday is about, is being grateful.” – Betty Murray

“Own your no means using no. No is a one-word sentence. You don’t need to clarify it in any way. Right? So, if you get roped into making cookies for the PTA or roped into being the host of the holiday party for the entire street and you didn’t want to do it, it’s on you to say no. Right? It’s not the other people’s fault because the thing is, we get mad.” – Betty Murray


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